America First! House Passes 95 BILLION in Foreign Aid! This is Taxation WITHOUT Representation
The House has betrayed the people.
On Saturday, the House of Representatives passed a more than $60 billion bill that provides additional military aid to Ukraine. This bill is part of a larger $95.3 billion package, which will now head back to the Senate for a vote. A solid majority of Republicans voted against the bill, which passed by a 311-112 margin. 101 Republicans voted for it, and one Republican, Rep. Dan Meuser of Pennsylvania, voted "present." This bill represents a betrayal of the American people. Why are our taxpayer dollars being sent overseas? Why do our taxes not reflect our interests? This bill differs slightly from the initial $95 billion foreign aid package passed in the Senate, thus requiring a Senate vote for final approval. Congress must not enact this bill into law. We cannot afford to continue squandering billions of dollars overseas! Do NOT pass this BILL!
Back in February, the Senate passed the $95 billion Foreign Aid bill, allocating funds to Ukraine, Israel, Gaza, and Taiwan. The bill received a 70-29 vote, with 22 Republicans aligning with Democrats to support the aid, despite opposition from former President Donald Trump, the American populace, and their fellow GOP members. The bill was blocked in the House. However, Speaker Johnson, lacking in resolve, drafted his own version of a foreign aid bill, which unfortunately passed in the House and will now proceed to the Senate for their vote. This bill closely mirrors the Senate's initial $95 billion in foreign aid, with the addition of a third provision that mandates the sale of TikTok and authorizes the United States to seize Russian assets.
This foreign aid package, passed by the House, essentially replicates the actions of the initial Senate bill, allocating $95 billion for Ukraine ($60 billion), Israel ($14.1 billion), Gaza ($9.2 billion), and Taiwan ($4.8 billion). Despite the surge in illegal crossings at the southern border, the drastic rise in violent crime and drug trafficking, the overwhelming of government facilities intended for U.S. citizens by illegal aliens, and the strain on hospitals, shelters, hotels, schools, senior homes, and other facilities, Congress has not introduced or brought to the floor another border bill to address this crisis. This is a blatant betrayal.
Our border and the crisis afflicting our nation must take precedence above all else. The American people demand that our tax dollars represent us; we do not want them squandered overseas. Any person in Congress who serves the people must protest, recall, and REFUSE the passage of this extravagant $95 billion foreign aid package; instead, they must INSIST on closing the border, stopping FISA, and putting AMERICA FIRST, before providing any aid abroad. We need to focus on the issues at home; we need our taxes to represent us!