The Biden Regime is waging a brutal war against the American economy. The security and stability of our country is crumbling in front of our very eyes.

Food stores are bare and gas prices are at records highs. Inflation is pushing millions of Americans into poverty. Widespread homelessness and starvation are sure to happen if we continue down this path. Gas stations across the country are running dry. Our supply chain infrastructure is collapsing. Our farmers are being deprived of fertilizer and their costs to operate are through the roof. Food prices this fall will be astronomical, if you can even find food to purchase.
If you think our situation is bad now, wait a few more months. It is going to get much worse!
The impending crisis has been in the making since Joe Biden seized office and shut down our domestic pipelines. The Regime pulled permits for oil fields across the nation and did everything possible to destroy our energy independence. The consequences of these actions are about to cause a social crisis of untold size and destruction.
Our own domestic fuel production has been attacked by the Regime from every angle possible and just this week Joe Biden decided to release 45 million barrels of fuel from our strategic reserves. We are about to be left defenseless as our economy implodes. 
An article in Bloomberg this week reads, “The US is Depleting Its Strategic Petroleum Reserve Faster Than It Looks”. How can our military remain prepared if our country does not have sufficient fuel supplies in a state of war? How can our producers survive if our factories cannot operate? How can our society navigate the war being waged against us by our traitorous politicians?