Urgent: Demand for Investigation into Hawaiian Official's Inadequate Response to the Maui Fires
Following a GOP fundraising event in Syracuse, New York, McCarthy indicated his desire to initiate an investigation while fielding questions.
He stated, "We've got disasters unfolding in this country. We witnessed the devastation that has unfolded in Maui. The need to intervene is evident, but I'm deeply troubled by the response... We still have hundreds of individuals missing. I believe there will need to be a congressional investigation in response to this catastrophe. How could we lose so many Americans in this day and age? Moreover, the federal response appears egregiously delayed."
McCarthy also had harsh words for Biden stating "The president's response is to have no comment? That's unacceptable. So I'm going to work with committees too, to look at investigating what went on so that it never happens again as well.” 
I concur with McCarthy. How could we suffer such a loss of American lives in the present era? More significantly, given the gross failures of Hawaiian officials to manage the fires, resulting in additional lives being lost, how illogical would it be not to scrutinize this situation? It's even more disgusting to see the lack of meaningful response coming from our president – who mind you, has granted a measly $700 dollars to those affected by the fires, while once again, he sends billions of dollars overseas, or uses billions for his idiotic vanity projects. 
Reports have emerged indicating that schoolchildren were sent home prematurely, with many not having their parents back from work yet. The national emergency systems failed to activate, and emergency services either weren't dispatched or experienced significant delays.
But hold on, it gets even worse – when emergency services were finally dispatched, Hawaiian official M. Kaleo Manuel obstructed the use of water to extinguish the flames. Can you believe it? Are you kidding me? And to add insult to injury, active-duty military personnel hadn't even been called upon for assistance.
On top of that, as of Monday, at least 115 people have been confirmed dead, and more than 1,100 remain unaccounted for!? This is a tragedy, and Hawaiian officials have proved their inability to perform their jobs and protect the people. 
The delays, the inadequate responses, the supposed technical breakdowns in alarm systems – it all conveniently culminated in a disastrous perfect storm that claimed numerous American lives.
Hence, it is undebatable that the Maui fires demand a thorough investigation. The officials currently failing the residents of Maui must be held accountable through investigation. The origins of this fire require investigation, and the people of Maui, like any American in need, deserve our unwavering support!
McCarthys proposal to investigate the Maui fires is just that, a proposal, but he and his constituents must be made aware of one thing, the American People support Maui, and we, like many of them, want answers!