ONGOING: Return the United States to Energy Independence – DO NOT Halt Domestic Energy Production!
Readers, deliberate deterioration and weakening of our great nation have occurred through economic destruction, military resource scarcity, and now, I draw your attention to our energy production and scarcity.
During his presidency, one of Trump's greatest achievements was restoring America's energy independence. We became self-reliant for oil, coal, and gas. This energy independence kickstarted a return to our great nation's strength. Fuel prices remained low, and we reduced our dependence on other nations for resources, proudly embracing the label of an American-made country.
The Biden Administration has undertaken numerous actions that have left a bitter taste in the mouths of Americans. It is evident that there is an ongoing, calculated scheme to weaken our nation, making us vulnerable to various threats. Our economy has suffered, with soaring debt and record-high inflation. Our military resources are being redirected to Ukraine, and our energy production is no longer centered on domestic sources.
Throughout his campaign and most recently, Biden announced measures to block oil drilling on millions of acres of Alaskan tundra, curbing fossil fuel extraction on public land and federal waters. Additionally, over the past few months, the Biden administration has halted drilling on 1.8 million acres of sagebrush steppe in Wyoming and on over a million acres of public land in Colorado.
Moreover, the administration has safeguarded more than 336,400 acres of public land around Chaco Culture National Historical Park from new oil and gas leasing and mining claims for the next two decades. Last month, they also indicated their intention to exclude six million acres of potentially oil-rich areas from an upcoming federal lease sale in the Gulf of Mexico, as required by law.
Why is the Biden Administration taking these actions? All in the name of combating climate change. Instead of extracting oil and mining coal domestically, we will have to depend on other countries to supply us.
Let me paint a picture of Biden's world without coal, oil, and gas – a world where our country is left vulnerable and weakened.
Joe Biden has been closing down U.S. energy production in the pursuit of his green energy agenda, affecting everything from coal mines to oil and gas extraction. The problem lies in the fact that we rely on coal, oil, and gas for EVERYTHING – from agriculture to transportation, and from heating and cooling our homes to providing light.
By shutting down domestic oil and gas production, we are forced to import these resources, often from far-off places like Venezuela, which requires significant fuel for transportation.
Joe Biden's policies have created a scarcity of oil itself. Reducing the supply increases the value of these commodities, leading to higher prices at the fuel pump, the supermarket, on our energy bills, and in every aspect of our lives.
The issue is complex, but the solution is straightforward.
We should be prioritizing domestic energy production by simultaneously drilling for oil and mining coal, while also using renewable energy sources. Restricting energy production will cause financial hardship for everyone and could potentially lead to the collapse of our food production and distribution systems. This is an existential crisis greater than the hysteria surrounding the climate crisis.
Our elected officials must understand that we do not support the shutdown of our oil drilling or coal mining operations! We demand that they keep these operations open and follow the path set by Trump to return us to energy independence. Let us not weaken our great nation; instead, let us build it up!