BREAKING: BILLIONS for Biden's New Spending Project — He Should Plant Some Trees!
This so-called technology is supposedly the grand solution by which the Biden Administration plans to jumpstart the US carbon removal industry.
Allow me to provide you with a little context about the Direct Air Capture removal projects, also known as DAC.
Imagine gigantic vacuum cleaners designed to suck carbon dioxide out of the air. Yes, that's their brilliant idea! These vacuum monstrosities would supposedly suck out the CO2 from the air and then use chemicals to "remove the greenhouse gases." The first two DAC hubs to win funding from the Department of Energy (DOE) will be situated in Louisiana and Texas, each with the grandiose promise of capturing at least a million metric tons of CO2 annually. 
And the grand plan for the captured CO2? Well it's going to be stored underground or used in industrial materials like cement. In addition, this CO2 might even be used to create fuel, thus directly benefiting the very industry that's supposedly been instrumental in driving up CO2 levels in the air. A genius solution!
Let's talk about the track record of this technology. Direct Air Capture (DAC) has been implemented in other countries, like Iceland, where they're currently operating the world's largest DAC setup.  And how much CO2 are they removing annually? A whopping 4,000 metric tons! So, we're investing billions in a technology that hasn't even proven itself on a large scale.
A report from a U.N. panel this May sent shockwaves through the carbon removal industry. The report rightly warned that these vacuums, or DAC hubs, are unproven on both technological and economic fronts, especially when it comes to scaling them up. The environmental and social risks? Well, they're basically an unknown abyss.
Why on earth is the Biden Administration pouring precious taxpayer dollars into this absurdity instead of something practical like planting trees? The U.S. Forest Service has confirmed that our nation's forests and forest products offset nearly 16 percent of domestic carbon dioxide emissions by storing a staggering 866 million metric tons of carbon dioxide annually. That is 800 times as much as one DAC Hub, and it's free. 
Let's be brutally honest here. Our nation is swimming in debt, inflation is spiraling out of control, and fundamental issues plaguing our nation remain unaddressed. Yet, here we have the Biden administration throwing money at these untested, questionable projects? 
This DAC project is just a tiny piece of a much larger problem – a problem that's becoming all too familiar. The Biden administration is recklessly squandering funds on utterly unnecessary and non-beneficial endeavors, all while turning a blind eye to the real problems right here at home. This insanity must cease immediately!
We don't need this sort of careless spending. We need tangible action. We need unity. We need to lift our nation to its former glory.