Mini Mike Bloomberg is out of the race. After spending over $500 million on his Presidential campaign (some estimates suggest it could be over $700 million), all Bloomberg had to show for it was the island territory of American Samoa.

There, Bloomberg secured 49.9 percent of the vote, edging out Tulsi Gabbard for the victory.

Bloomberg's short Presidential run will go down in history as one of the most wasteful vanity projects ever.

But that got us thinking. If Bloomberg had chosen not to try to buy the Presidency, what else could he have bought with half a billion dollars?

House around 11 thousand homeless people in New York for a single year.

New York City estimates that it costs around $120 a day to provide housing for a single homeless person in New York. Michael Bloomberg could have taken 11,000 homeless people off the streets for an entire year with his half billion dollars.

Launch a Space Shuttle

Before the Space Shuttle project was shut down, it was estimated to cost the United States Government around $450 million every time it was launched into outer space.

Launch a whale into space

But adjusted for inflation, it would probably cost a lot more today. SpaceX, on the other hand, has figured out how to make space travel economical and has brought the cost down to around $57 million per launch. That comes out to $2,500 per pound of cargo launched into space. Just to put it into perspective, Michael Bloomberg spent more on his Presidential campaign than it would cost to launch a Blue Whale into outer space.

Put down at least 66 miles of new interstate highway

It costs approximately $7.5 million per mile for a four-lane interstate highway. Michael Bloomberg's campaign expenditures -- if they are approaching $700 million as some are suggesting -- would have been enough to build a four lane interstate between Washington DC and Baltimore... And there would be enough left over to pave over it again...

Send 7,773 NYC students to a charter school for all four years of High School.

It costs $16,081 per pupil per year in New York City's charter schools. Bloomberg's campaign cash could have saved 7,773 inner city students from failing public schools and put them on a real path for success.

Train at least 20,000 service animals to care for disabled veterans.

It can cost upwards of $25k to train a single service animal. Bloomberg's campaign cash could have provided service animals to more than 20,000 disabled veterans.

Or, in the case of Mike Bloomberg,

The American Samoa Primary Election