Mike Lindell joined Conservative Daily Podcast this morning to discuss the FBI harassing him and confiscating his phone on Tuesday. During the show, he announced that after consultation with his many lawyers, including well known legal scholarAlan Dershowitz, he is filing a lawsuit against the United States government and the FBI. 

"And I said, What can we do here? We cannot be on the defense. We have to go on the offense. Well, everybody, they looked through it and they said they've been working on this for the last couple of days. They broke my first Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights, and we're suing the United States of America. And the FBI. We're going to set a precedent. They're not going to be -- this isn't going to be Nazi Germany. The FBI is not going to be the Gestapo. It stops now, you know, period. They took a phone, a company phone, that runs everything. I have my hearing aids, everything," Lindell said.