The South Carolina Democratic Debate went pretty much as expected: the Leftists shouted over one another, tried to take down this week's frontrunner (Bernie Sanders), and Michael Bloomberg ended up being completely outclassed by the more-experienced debaters around him.

Mike Bloomberg is interesting. His public persona is completely phony, obviously concocted by some political consultants coaching him how to appear presentable and electable. Watch any private videos of Bloomberg and he comes across a lot differently.

But there are times throughout the debate where Bloomberg was so stressed out by the entire ordeal that he actually accidentally became the most honest person in the room.

Talking about military funding, Bloomberg admitted that the Pentagon is developing weapons systems for future conflicts and that the Trump administration is doing a good job rebuilding the military. When he would talk about Bernie Sanders' socialist policies, you can see that he is actually genuinely concerned for what would happen to the country if Sanders was elected.

But the most stunningly honest moment of the debate came when the candidates were discussing how to not only win the Presidency, but also secure the House and the Senate.

Pete Buttigieg made an accurate comment that Democrats should look at the 41 Democrat Freshman Representatives who won their seats and flipped the House of Representatives last year and notice that they look nothing like the socialist policies being presented.

That is when Bloomberg jumped in an bragged about having spent a hundred million dollars and "bought" about half of those newly-elected Democrat congressmen.

That is right, the video shows that as Bloomberg was trying to figure out the best way to craft his sentence, he first arrived at the word "bought" before stopping himself and instead saying that he "got" them. And the look on his face as he almost admitted to buying the last election was absolutely priceless. Take a look.

I can't stand Mike Bloomberg, but at least he is so unpolished that he gives us some brief glimpses of honesty.

He had a chance to brag about his contributions to political campaigns and the first word that came to his mind to describe it was "bought."

Mike Bloomberg literally represents everything that Democrats have always claimed to hate: Billionaires buying elections. But Liberals are so consumed with anti-Trump hatred that they have become an ends-justify-the-means party, willing to elect whatever candidate -- warts and all -- who has the best chance of defeating Trump.