This is not a drill. Congress is voting TOMORROW on the Delivering for America Act (H.R.8015). This bill is the vehicle that Nancy Pelosi plans to use to push through her cheat-by-mail scheme.

We have covered Pelosi's plan in depth. It would force all 50 states to send every registered voter a ballot in the mail, even if the voter is dead, moved away, or ineligible to vote. It would guarantee that ballots are placed into the hands of bad actors.

Then, it would make it illegal for states to check voters' IDs or require witness or notary signatures on mail-in ballots. States would be required to use the honor system and just trust that voters are who they say they are...

And worst of all, it legalizes ballot harvesting. The Democrat Party would be allowed to hire people to go door-to-door nationwide to collect people's ballots. Not only that, but in many states, voter harvesters would be allowed to "help" voters fill out their ballots. If they like the way the ballots are filled in, then they can turn them in by the hundreds or even thousands (no limit). If the ballot harvester doesn't like how a voter filled out the ballot, they would be on the 'honor system' to turn it in anyway. But we know that many of those ballots will be discarded, destroyed, or altered...

The bill will give the Post Office 25 billion to repay decades-worth of debt and unfunded liabilities. There is NO requirement in the legislation requiring that the USPS use the funding on anything related to the pandemic. The Delivering for America Act would also make it illegal for the USPS to make any changes to their system between now and the election. Even if those changes would make mail collection and delivery faster... And to top it off, H.R.8015 would allow angry Democrats to sue the Post Office if they feel cheated in their attempt to vote by mail, which would allow the activist judges to get involved in the handling of mail in ballots (which is what Democrats desperately want).

The whole thing is a lie. The whole thing is a sham. There is no "crisis" at the Post Office. Democrats are trying to use this to push their cheat-by-mail scheme through.

And they are holding their vote tomorrow!

Stop the steal! You must send your instant FaxBlast to Congress now and order them to BLOCK Nancy Pelosi's Postal Service bailout and cheat-by-mail scheme before it's too late!

Last week, Nancy Pelosi walked away and said Congress would not pass any covid relief bill unless the GOP caved to their demands. Immediately, Democrats and Republicans began meeting behind closed doors to try to iron out a "compromise." Apparently, it is possible to "meet someone halfway" when they are trying to steal an election...

But just a couple of days after those meetings started, Nancy Pelosi emerged and announced that Congress would hold an emergency vote TOMORROW on a bill to bailout the Post Office and advance the Democrats' plan for nationwide cheat-by-mail and ballot harvesting.

Pelosi is convinced that she has GOP support. The last time she tried to push a cheat-by-mail bill through, she got one Republican -- Peter King (R-NY) to vote for it. This time, she expects to get dozens of Republicans in the House and Senate.

Not only are Republicans caving, but they aren't even demanding anything in return. Pelosi's Post Office bill will have no GOP amendments whatsoever.

There is still time to stop this from passing. Just by reading this, you already understand more about what is going on than the average American does.

And with that knowledge comes an obligation to act right now!

Don't let the GOP cave to Pelosi's demands! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and force them to KILL this insane bill - H.R.8015 - before Democrats push it through!

Ronald Reagan famously said that our rights, liberties, and even our Republic itself is never more than a generation away from extinction. American citizenship is a gift, but it is also a solemn responsibility. Our Republic survives because brave patriots answer the call to defend it.

This is one of those moments. If Democrats are able to sneak their cheat-by-mail scheme through, we will lose the Republic. We will see unprecedented amounts of voter fraud and the election will be stolen.

That is why you must fight back before it's too late!

Our goal today is to bombard Congress with 1 MILLION FaxBlasts in the next 24 hours to stop this radical bill in its tracks. But we cannot do it without your help... We need your help to stop this before Democrats can rush it through!

This is an urgent call to action! Please, you must send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress right now and STOP them from pushing through Pelosi's Post Office bailout and cheat-by-mail scheme!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily