Dear Conservative,

Like those who came before him, Barack Hussein Obama has his own unique style of “leadership.” While Ronald Reagan’s presidency coined the term “trickle-down economics,” Barack Obama seems to have chosen the phrase “trickle-down tyranny!”

Barack Obama is the most lawless President we have ever had. On nearly every issue, Obama is deciding whether to enforce the law as it is written or legislate from the Oval Office instead. However, Barack Obama wouldn’t be where he is today if it wasn’t for those within his administration who have also chosen to subjectively enforce the law!

In the past weeks, we have seen two stark examples of Obama’s trickle-down tyranny and lawlessness…

The first clear example of Obama administration officials disregarding the law can be seen in Attorney General Eric Holder. Not only has he personally refused to defend laws like the Defense of Marriage Act, but he has now come out and encouraged State Attorneys General to do the same thing regarding their states’ marriage and Voter ID laws!

Force Congress to STOP the Obama administration’s “trickle-down tyranny” and put an end to the administration’s activist bureaucrats!

Instead of honoring his oath to uphold and defend the Constitution and the rule of law, Eric Holder has taken it upon himself to pick and choose which laws are worthy of a defense. As a result, the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) went to the Supreme Court without any defense from the Federal Government.

DOMA received bipartisan support when it was originally passed and President Bill Clinton immediately signed it into law. However, Eric Holder has once again decided that the law of the land isn’t worth defending! Now, Holder has expanded his activism and begun encouraging his State counterparts to do the same!

This week, Eric Holder reached out to State Attorneys General and urged them not to defend their states’ allegedly discriminatory or unconstitutional laws. Holder said that decisions to abandon defending a law should be rare, which is funny because he seems to do it all the time!

“They must be reserved only for exceptional circumstances,” Holder explains, “and they must never stem merely from policy or political disagreements – hinging instead on firm constitutional grounds.”

Who does he think he is kidding? Eric Holder has become the most political Attorney General this country has ever seen. His decisions entirely partisan!

He is telling Attorneys General in states with constitutional amendments defining marriage to disregard the will of the people and to refuse to defend the state constitution! The constitution might not mean anything to Eric Holder, but he represents a minority view!

For years, Eric Holder’s Justice Department has also used the Voting Rights Act of 1965 as an excuse to veto changes to voting laws in Republican states. The law gave the DOJ the authority to govern voting law changes in states or regions with a history of voter discrimination. In Shelby County v. Holder, the Supreme Court ruled that it was unconstitutional to arbitrarily stop states from changing their voting laws based on past transgressions.

What has Eric Holder done? Has he honored the Supreme Court’s ruling? No! He has filed lawsuits against North Carolina and Texas in order to allow undocumented individuals to continue voting. Even though voter turnout has skyrocketed since these voter identification laws were implemented – especially among minority voters – Eric Holder continues to assert that it is racist to ask individuals to show ID before voting!

Eric Holder has given guns to Mexican drug cartels, argued in the Supreme Court that international law trumps the Constitution, and continues to pick and choose which laws will be enforced and which will be ignored! He must be stopped!

Force Congress to STOP the Obama administration’s “trickle-down tyranny” and put an end to the administration’s activist bureaucrats!

Eric Holder is certainly a clear example of executive overreach and Barack Obama’s trickle-down tyranny and lawlessness. However, there is another, lesser-known example being brought before the Supreme Court as we speak.

Everyone knows that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) routinely oversteps its authority in implementing environmental policy. For years, the EPA has drafted regulations on its own without Congressional approval and this expansion of power was largely ignored by the courts.

On February 24, 2014, the Supreme Court heard arguments in Utility Air Regulatory Group v. EPA. If the Court rules against the EPA, which is entirely possible, it would represent a huge setback for bureaucratic activism within the executive branch.

The case is not complicated. In the 2007 case Massachusetts v. EPA, the Supreme Court ruled that the EPA had the authority to regulate carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions standards on new motor vehicles. Even though that case specifically directs the EPA’s regulatory power towards motor vehicles, the agency decided (on its own) to expand this authority to rewrite the permitting requirements for “stationary sources” of pollution.

Critics argue that this is an unprecedented power grab. If the EPA’s reasoning is upheld, then that would also give the agency the authority to regulate every living and breathing organism in the United States! The Supreme Court has already ruled that carbon dioxide is a pollutant, but limited its ruling to authorizing the agency to regulate automobiles. The EPA contends that wherever there is carbon dioxide emission, it has the authority to regulate it.

You can see how this logic is dangerous. This would give the government the authority to regulate and tax you every time you exhale!

Force Congress to STOP the Obama administration’s “trickle-down tyranny” and put an end to the administration’s activist bureaucrats!

The problem this country is facing is the fact that we have unelected bureaucrats within the Obama administration who are allowed to arbitrarily and subjectively alter laws and statutes. This was never the case when the Democrats controlled Congress at the start of Obama’s presidency. Back then, there was relative harmony between the legislative and executive branches. The Democrats were able to collaborate and work together to implement Barack Hussein Obama’s socialist vision for America.

You threw a wrench into King Obama’s plans! You helped to take back the House of Representatives and stopped Congress from passing more unconstitutional laws! But unfortunately, this also forced the Obama administration to expand its power in order to push through its agenda. The Founders would look at the debate and gridlock in Washington, D.C. as a sign that their system of government is working. It shouldn’t be easy to pass legislation. Otherwise, you get atrocious laws like the Affordable Care Act, which passed even though no one bothered to read it!

We stopped the liberal Democrats from destroying this country once. Yet, instead of accepting that they could no longer push through their agenda without compromise, the Democrats have chosen to use every loophole and open ended statute available to achieve their goals!

The result is an administration hell-bent on avoiding Congress and using bureaucracy to implement policy!

It is unacceptable for the Attorney General to pick and choose which laws should be enforced and which should be ignored! It is unconstitutional for the Attorney General to try to interfere with how individual states operate! And it is unconscionable to allow the EPA to claim the authority to regulate every object and organism that emits or exhales carbon dioxide!

Force Congress to STOP the Obama administration’s “trickle-down tyranny” and put an end to the administration’s activist bureaucrats!

These two examples may seem disconnected, but they are not! In each case, you have unelected bureaucrats playing the role of Congress by altering or ignoring the law! There are countless other examples of how the Obama administration appears to believe it possesses legislative powers.

The law is the law! Law can only be written or altered by Congress. The President – by virtue of winning the Presidency with 51% of the vote – does not have the authority to shred the Constitution and rule by executive fiat! Nor do unelected administrative bureaucrats have the authority to work outside of the Constitution in order to affect outcomes!

In these two instances, the Federal Government claims to possess the authority to interfere with state constitutions and even to potentially regulate and tax your breathing!

This must be stopped. We put an end to this liberal agenda once when we took back the House. That battle may have been won, but the war against dangerous liberal policies wages on.

We must stop this unconstitutional expansion of tyranny and lawlessness before it is too late!

Force Congress to STOP the Obama administration’s “trickle-down tyranny” and put an end to the administration’s activist bureaucrats!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily