Trump Is GOING TO WIN! Immediate Action Required: Restore Election Integrity Now! BAN The Machines
We have been demanding secure elections for YEARS! And as the years have gone by, more and more information has come forward proving the insecurity and fraud of electronic voting machines and mail-in ballots – both used to steal elections at EVERY single level. Americans are constantly bombarded with laws they DIDN'T vote for, higher taxes they didn't vote for, elected officials they didn't vote for, and it's all because of the MACHINES & mail-in ballots. Enough is enough; we the people will continue to rain down on you, Congress, with the demand that you BAN electronic voting machines and mail-in ballots!
We continue to see the erosion of our electoral process through cheating voting machines and mail-in ballots. During the midterm elections in November, we saw unsurprisingly cheating on the electronic voting machines, which are supposedly “secure” yet shut down at inconvenient times and flipped votes?! 
Through countless reports, statistics, whistleblower statements, interviews, research, and testimonies, the 2020 election has undeniably been proven to be stolen THROUGH the use of electronic voting machines and mail-in ballots. We KNOW what these machines are; we KNOW that the mail-in ballots are fraudulent, and we have all the proof to back up these FACTS. And yet, anyone who brings forth this real, undeniable evidence is called a “radical election denier.” This is outrageous, and the people of the United States will not stand for it!
We know that Trump will win during the 2024 election! More Americans are waking up to the LIES, the false promises, the tyranny, and corruption of our crooked government, and we have had ENOUGH! We will continue to rain down on our elected officials with our demand to BAN the use of electronic voting machines & mail-in ballots! We demand a return to the fundamentals—hand-counted paper ballots, in-person voting at the election offices. By doing so, we will safeguard the integrity of our elections and, by extension, our cherished nation.
The citizens of the United States unequivocally demand that our elected officials follow suit. We insist that they stand with us, banning these corrupt voting machines, halting mail-in ballots only for those with valid reasons, and unequivocally defending the very essence of our nation. Our call is resolute, and our expectations are unwavering. Congress, WE DEMAND you BAN these DAMN MACHINES! Stand on the Right side of history – KNOW YOUR OATH!