In preparation for Tina Peter's hearing this week and her upcoming trial in March, I am republishing my contemporaneous reporting of Tina Peter's journey, written as it happened. As the trial approaches, the narrative onslaught is coming. Get ready by reading what really happened in Mesa County below.

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  • The Tale of Tina Peters, and The Dark Days Ahead for Whistleblowers:Tina Peters is a gold star mom, a cancer survivor, a public servant, and a courageous whistleblower. The saga began when Jena Griswold alleged that Tina stole passwords to which only the Secretary of State had access. This lie was the premise for a whole-of-government approach to Tina's political persecution and Griswold's election fraud cover up. 

  • The Colorado Coup Is Nearly Complete, And Dominion Is Right In The Middle Of It (Yes, Really): Once Secretary Griswold had her headlines, the uniparty at the county level went to work on the cover up. Runbeck Senior Advisor Wayne Williams began dismissing Tina’s staff and dismissed Tina’s Deputy Clerk without cause. In July 2021, Mesa County signed a new contract with Runbeck for the county’s balloting needs, but Williams' involvement is just the beginning of the corruption.

  • Janet And The Betas Release Their New Album: “We’re Voting For This But It’s Not Our Fault“: In the midst of Tina's story, the Mesa County commissioners held a hearing and vote to recommit to their Dominion contracts. Mesa County voters showed up and gave hours of testimony in opposition. Janet Rowland, the Chair of Board of Commissioners led the hearing about extending Dominion in Mesa through 2029. She smacked down any public response to the speakers, including light applause for a U.S. Veteran who spoke of losing his best friend in defense of freedom.

  • Dammit, Janet! The Rocky Mountain Horror Show Of Mesa County: The Mesa Commissioners tried to reclaim the narrative recently, begging the people not to be upset with them for voting to use Dominion for Mesa elections until the end of the decade. It was then revealed that Dominon threatened to sue them and they caved. They defied the will of the people because they didn't want to be sued. 

  • The Mesa Report - Is There Trust In A Trusted Build If The Builders Broke Our Trust? In preparation for the release of the Mesa Report, this article breaks down the importance of the "Trusted Build" and why the images taken before the Trusted Build are important. If you only have time to read one of these articles, read this one. 

  • Bombshell Report Proves State and Federal Election Crimes Were Committed – County Commissioner Leaks to Press Instead of Reporting Crimes: Mesa County Clerk and Recorder Tina Peters in good faith delivered an initial forensic cybersecurity report covering election machine analysis to County Commissioners. The report proves destruction of evidence. Instead of reading it, they leaked it to the press. 

  • The Interstate Conspiracy (Fact) To Defraud The American People: In this final installment, we look at the similarities of the Mesa Report, the Maricopa Report, and the establishment responses from Republican County Supervisors and Democrat Secretaries of State. "If you saw the mockingbird headlines following the read out, you likely believe that the audit report confirmed Joe Biden’s win -- and even added 90+ votes to his total. This is the narrative they established with the leaked (read: intentionally released to establish the narrative) partial report."

Tune into Conservative Daily every day at 10AM MT / 12PM ET and 4PM MT / 6PM ET for our coverage of this case, and join us in Twitter Spaces for a discussion about this at 12PM MT / 2PM ET today!