The American people need a President who has enough energy to do the job. President Trump has shown over the past three years that he is able to do the job and put in the long hours.

Can Sleepy Joe Biden handle it?

Apparently, not.

After being eviscerated during the debate by Kamala Harris, Joe Biden refused to go into the spin room to answer reporters' questions afterwards. This caught many reporters off guard. Surely, the Democrat frontrunner would want to "spin" his poor debate performance in the Spin Room.

A Biden Campaign spokesperson, however, explained why that wasn't necessary. Biden would simply be too tired to meet with the Press after the debate...

First of all, Joe Biden didn't answer questions for over two hours. Biden got to speak for exactly 13 minutes and 18 seconds during the debate. And he didn't have to stand on the stage for the whole time. If you noticed, during the commercial breaks, MSNBC's Picture-in-Picture view of the debate stage showed that the podiums were empty.

The truth of the matter is that Biden got smoked on the debate stage. It was clear that he didn't prepare talking points for the debate, he spent a huge amount of his speaking time on the defensive, and generally looked to be the least energetic person on the stage. Instead of trying to spin the performance and gain some ground back, his campaign pulled the plug on his appearance.

And when Biden did try to answer a reporter's questions after the debate anyway, his wife rushed in to pull him away mid-sentence.

The Biden campaign might not realize it yet, but his lackluster debate performance hurt him. A savvy candidate would have taken a 5 Hour Energy and gone to the spin room. But, maybe they knew that Biden simply didn't have the stamina to dig himself out of that hole.

I guess they call him Sleepy Joe for a reason...