It’s less than 100 days before the American People select the House of Representatives and a third of the Senate. The Republicans in government are already celebrating what they see as a “red wave” come November 8.

Many of those Republicans are prematurely celebrating their own re-elections. 

While left-leaning pollsters show democrats with a commanding lead in the November contest, right leaning pollsters show the opposite. It’s almost like polls have outcomes most desirable to their readers (rather than to the truth).

While the People are focused on securing free and fair elections, the establishment on both sides is playing politics and trying to keep us focused on the manufactured left/right divide that keeps them in their phony baloney jobs. 

Surprisingly, a editorial on CNN this morning captured the divide perfectly:

“Though recent polling has provided the party glimmers of hope, those fundamental weaknesses have been compounded by what many accept as a political fact of life: that the president's party is doomed to a poor showing in his first midterm after taking office in all but the most exceptionally advantageous circumstances…the vote will take place amid economic uncertainty, an ongoing pandemic that has killed more than a million Americans, the rupture created by the Supreme Court's decision to overturn federally protected abortion rights.”

Okay, so maybe not perfectly. But they know. We all know.

The 46th administration has been an absolute disaster for Americans, and every day they gaslight us about how it’s so much better than the 45th Administration. Ignorance is strength, as Orwell would say. 

It’s difficult to talk about winning the midterm elections when we’ve watched the establishment openly meddle in every election since November 2020. It’s difficult to think about voting in November when we watched them steal the midterm primaries that gave us weak candidates for the main contest. 

But elections are a battlefield, and high voter turnout impedes their pre-planned efforts. We don’t know what will happen in November, we only control our part. And the part of everyone reading this is to cast your vote so no one else can cast it for you, regardless of the outcome. 

Teams all over the nation are working to secure free and fair elections in November (just look at El Paso County, Colorado this week), so we need to make sure the Congress knows that the People are watching.

Tell Congress that anyone who doesn’t stand with the people will be removed in November!