This is it. Nancy Pelosi has notified Democrats that Congress will hold an "emergency" vote on postal service legislation THIS WEEK. Right now, Saturday is looking like the most likely day for the vote.

But the real fight is happening between now and then: the amendment process.

The legislation itself -- the Delivering for America Act -- isn't really all that controversial. Sitting at barely 3-pages, the legislation would simply prohibit the Trump administration from making any changes to the Postal Service between now and the election. The bill is based on a lie. Donald Trump isn't "sabotaging" the post office. The USPS is simply enacting long-planned changes, many of which were decided on during the Obama years...

But the Delivering for America Act will look a lot different once it reaches the floor on Saturday. That is because Nancy Pelosi is treating it as a vehicle. What that means is that it will be a blank canvas for Democrats to attach a whole host of radical amendments to it.

And we have already seen the Left attach their first amendment: a 25 billion bailout for the postal service. Not to fix anything that Trump did, but to bail them out because of decades of mismanagement.

But this is where it gets really sinister: Democrats are saying the 25 billion will go towards making sure the USPS can process a surge in mail-in ballots. Why will there be a surge? Because of the next amendment that Leftists are trying to add: universal, nationwide mail-in voting.

It has been amazing watching the protests in recent days out in front of the Postmaster General's house or outside post offices. Leftists truly must think we are stupid. They are protesting in person because they claim it is too dangerous to vote in person...

Even Dr. Anthony Fauci has said there is "no reason" not to have in-person voting. When Wisconsin held their in-person primary in April, pundits feared it would result in an explosion of Covid-19 cases. But that didn't happen. There was no spike in cases after in-person voting was held... Even when the outbreak was at its worst, significant spikes in cases were not traced back to in-person voting.

But we have been able to trace voter fraud to the practice of holding elections by mail. In Michigan, as we reported earlier in the week, 846 ballots were cast so far this year on behalf of a dead person. These are 846 counts of voter fraud. Even more ballots were cast by people who didn't still live at the address they were registered at...

There is also an investigation ongoing in Texas right now after a concerned citizen was able to uncover what appears to be evidence of rampant illegal voter harvesting. That citizen, Colleen Vera, spent two years connecting the dots and has proven that Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-TX) hired a convicted forger to not only sign people up to vote by mail, but also apparently to help them fill out their ballots and turn them in (which is illegal under Texas law). Colleen found at least 30 ballots in Jackson-Lee's district that were filled out by the same exact person.

We are sounding the alarm because if the GOP caves and Democrats get their way, this kind of voter fraud will go nationwide in November.

If Democrats add their vote by mail amendments to this bill, and it becomes law, the Republic is finished. If Democrat Operatives are able to ballot harvest in all 50 states, there will be no way to stop the fraud.

That is what Democrats are counting on. They are hoping that they can overwhelm the system with unchecked and unverified mail-in ballots (because their amendment also prohibits states from verifying voters by ID checks or witness signatures). This is nothing but modern day ballot stuffing...

And the Republicans are falling for it. Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) is the latest GOPer to fall for the lie that Trump is deliberately delaying mail delivery. Mitt Romney (R-UT) is also coming out in support of the Left's post office scheme.

The revolt within the GOP has gotten so bad that now even Mitch McConnell is negotiating with Pelosi over how much to give the post office...

This is what the Democrats do. They gin-up a phony "scandal" to push their agenda, and then rush a bill through before we have a chance to prove how badly they are lying. They did it with the Russia witch hunt and impeachment. Now, they're trying to rush through their cheat-by-mail scheme. And it is all happening THIS WEEK!

This is it. The fight has now reached your doorstep. What happens over the next three days -- whether or not the GOP caves to these demands -- won't only likely determine the results of the 2020 election... it will also decide the fate of our Republic.

There are no do-overs here. If the Left gets what they want, it is over.


Max McGuire

Advocacy Director

Conservative Daily