For months, Democrats have been trying to push through what we have called a "cheat by mail" scheme. They are so desperate to change the rules for the election that they have actually held up a coronavirus relief package in order to use American families' pain as leverage in their fight.

That is how shameful Democrats have become. The American families struggling to make ends-meet and the businesses teetering on the brink of bankruptcy because of Democrat-caused lockdowns? To the far Left, they are nothing but leverage to be used in a negotiation.

Nancy Pelosi has blocked the next round of coronavirus relief for two months, all because she insists that the package include changes to the country's election laws... Many of those changes would alter how states handle elections, specifically revoking some of the most important protections against voter fraud!

It is up to YOU to force the vote! Please, send your instant message to Congress right now and FORCE them to pass Rep. Gabbard's bill to ban ballot harvesting before it's too late!

This is a red alert. Nancy Pelosi knows it is now or never to push her agenda through, so she is rushing her coronavirus relief bill to the floor this week in order to pass it in time for the election.

What does Pelosi's package include?

Pelosi's bill includes nationwide ballot harvesting. This is the practice where paid political operatives go door to door to collect voters' ballots. This practice has been linked to fraud in states like California and North Carolina. Illegal ballot harvesting schemes have also been uncovered this year in Minnesota and Texas. In Minnesota, Democrat operatives are accused of purchasing votes. In Texas, Democrats were caught "granny harvesting." This is the practice taking advantage of nursing home residents by stealing their ballots or pressuring them to vote a certain way.

Pelosi's bill would make ballot harvesting legal nationwide. Most states ban ballot harvesting by limiting who is allowed to turn in a voter's ballot. They only allow family members or licensed caregivers to turn in a voter's ballot on their behalf. Pelosi's legislation would revoke those restrictions and require that states allow "any person" to collect ballots from voters.

And just to make sure the bill protects paid ballot harvesters, Democrats included a provision that prohibits states from placing any limit on how many ballots a harvester can turn-in. Remember that video from Minnesota, with the ballot harvester bragging about how many ballots he collected? Pelosi's bill would make that all legal...

Luckily, Democrats and Republicans are fighting back. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) has introduced legislation - H.R.8285, the Election Fraud Prevention Act - to preempt any provision passed in Pelosi's relief package and to put an end to ballot harvesting in states where it is already legal!

The bill is common sense. It stipulates that only four people are allowed to take possession of a voter's ballot: (1) postal workers, (2) election officials, (3) family members, and (4) medical caregivers. If anyone else takes possession of a ballot, it would be considered spoiled and invalid. Any state that allows ballot harvesting would lose access to Federal election funding.

Over the past month, we have seen hundreds of thousands of ballots go missing or accidentally get sent to the wrong person or address. In Pennsylvania, we just learned that at least 330,000 ballot applications were rejected because the voter had requested duplicate ballots (they either accidentally or intentionally attempted to vote twice). We have also seen people fraudulently apply for absentee ballots on behalf of former residents or even dead family members. Just this week, a New York man was arrested for requesting a ballot for his dead mother. In Michigan, 846 ballots were rejected earlier this year because the voter was actually dead. Though, "fact checkers" contend this is not voter fraud.

Democrats are trying to hatch part two of their plan. First, they flooded the country with mail-in ballots. Remember, they originally tried to send a ballot to every registered voter in America. Part two of their plan is to send ballot harvesters to collect as many of these ballots as possible.

They know they are running out of time, which is why Pelosi is rushing to get her bill passed this week!

It is up to YOU to force the vote! Please, send your instant message to Congress right now and FORCE them to pass H.R. 8285 before it's too late!

We have a chance to shut down this ballot harvesting scheme once and for all. H.R.8285 wouldn't just block Nancy Pelosi's national provision, but it would put an end to state-laws permit ballot harvesting.

Democrats would no longer be allowed to round up fraudulent ballots. And when harvesters are caught, like they were in Minnesota, there would be a clear federal statute to charge them with!

As I mentioned, this is a Democrat bill. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard introduced it because she recognizes how dangerous ballot harvesting is. And she is not the only Democrat who supports the bill.

Republicans, however, are refusing to force the vote on the bill. Instead, they are choosing to "negotiate" with Pelosi, hoping they can find a "compromise" on ballot harvesting.

The Far Left is trying to steal the election. There is no 'meeting them halfway' on this...

It is up to YOU to force the vote! Please, send your instant message to Congress right now and FORCE them to pass H.R. 8285 before it's too late!

Stop the steal!

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily