Brian "CannCon" Lupo joined Conservative Daily Podcast this morning to discuss his latest reporting at The Gateway Pundit -- and it's explosive. 

Fulton County in Pennsylvania filed a lawsuit this morning against Dominion Voting Systems for Breach of Contract and Breach of Warranty, and the case supports these allegations with exsquisite detail. From the Request for Relief in the filing:

"WHEREFORE, as alleged in this Complaint, and Fulton County claims breach of contract and breach of warranty, and breach of other common-law and statutory duties, by Dominion, which entitles Fulton County to Damages as alleged herein, including, but not limited to all fees, expenditures and costs made in reliance upon and in consideration for the provision by Dominion of a serviceable product that was fit for its intended purpose and use.

WHEREFORE, Fulton County reserves the right to amend this Complaint to add allegations and claims and parties that Fulton County may become aware of through the ordinary course of this litigation and/or through additional discovery.

WHEREFORE, Fulton County prays that this Court enter judgment against Dominion on the claims and counts herein presented, and award any other damages, including costs and attorneys fees, which justice requires.”

The filing confirms what the election integrity movement has alleged for nearly two years: Electronic Voting Equipment is insecure and easily manipulable.

Brian Lupo is a great friend of the show, and he is on fire over at the Pundit. If you missed the show this morning, it's must watch.