This is unbelievable.

Yesterday, Georgia Governor Brian P. Kemp (shown above) announced that he was certifying the election results in his state. Even though the recount found thousands of missing votes, and cut into Joe Biden's lead* by over 13%, the Governor declared that he was confident in the results enough to certify them.

Well, that's not exactly true. Immediately after certifying the results, Kemp declared that he wanted a full audit and investigation. Governor Kemp apparently thinks we are stupid. He knows that once results are certified, they cannot be audited, recounted, or recanvassed under state law. Governor Kemp declared the election over and then, in an attempt to save face, said that he wanted an investigation.

Again, the GOP thinks you are stupid...

In Michigan this week, the Wayne County Board of Canvassers originally refused to certify the election results for Detroit, but after Leftists began threatening the Republicans and their children, they relented and voted to certify the results. Just so we are clear, 70% of Detroit's precincts saw irregularities and paperwork mistakes that, if there was a recount, would have rendered at least 28% of the vote un-recountable. Meaning, if there was a recount, fraud and sloppy record keeping would force that many ballots to be thrown out.

The GOP Board Members said they were giving a conditional certification, demanding that the state audit and investigate the discrepancies and irregularities first. However, as was the case in Georgia, once they voted to certify, they lost all leverage to make demands. Immediately, Governor Gretchen Whitmer's administration said there would be no audit at all. Now, the two Republicans on the Board of Canvassers are trying to "rescind" their votes. But since there is no legal process for that to happen, Democrats have declared the Detroit vote certified and are rushing to declare Biden the winner.

In Pennsylvania, Dominion Voting Systems - the electronic voting company now plagued with voter fraud allegations - refused to show up to a state legislature hearing. Instead, the company lawyered up to delay the hearing as long as possible. The Pennsylvania Legislature voted to authorize a full audit of the election, agreeing that there are simply too many irregularities and allegations of fraud to simply believe the results. Except, as we have seen in Georgia and Michigan, there is a catch. The PA Legislature is requiring that the audit be completed by next February. In other words, they agree the election was stolen, but want to allow a fraudulent President to take office before the investigation would finish...

They truly think you are too dumb to see what they are doing. Republicans are promising to keep fighting, but also surrendering at the same time.

You MUST stop them before it's too late. Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND that they block these fraudulent results from being certified!

It is no secret that the GOP is made up of cowards. But even by their standards, this latest surrender is stunning. The evidence of fraud is piling up. Hundreds of people, including our founder Joe, have now signed affidavits claiming they witnessed fraud. Each and every one of these affidavits are signed under penalty of perjury, meaning the affiant is agreeing to go to prison for up to five years if anything they say is proven to be a lie.

We now have experts who have reviewed the data coming out of Detroit, Michigan and are now testifying under oath that the number of votes Joe Biden got is physically impossible. Remember those late night ballot dumps giving Joe Biden an extra 100k votes? It was not possible for the machines to count the ballots that quickly. Even if the Dominion Voting Systems tabulators were turned up to full speed and there were no jams or delays, it would not be possible to tabulate that many votes in such a short amount of time.

In Georgia, just minutes after the Governor declared the election over, professional shredding companies were spotted outside the election offices in Cobb County, Georgia, rushing to destroy as many files as possible. In Philadelphia, election officials began destroying absentee ballot envelopes before the vote count was even finished, making it impossible to recanvass and verify the voters' signatures (a clear violation of Federal law).

In Wisconsin, after the Trump campaign agreed to pay 3 million for a recount in two counties, the Democrats scrambled to change the rules for the recount to give Democrat county officials the power to kick Trump campaign officials out of the counting room. While those changes failed, the two Democrat-run counties are now planning to have observers watch the count on video screens, making it impossible to actually read and challenge ballots.

The Left stole this election. They got caught. The evidence is piling up. Now, they are scrambling to certify the results as fast as they can. 

Instead of fighting for what is right, these GOP cowards are now surrendering...

You MUST stop them before it's too late. Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND that they block these fraudulent results from being certified!

We can still win this thing, but not if these Republican cowards keep giving up like this.

Trump is meeting with legislators from Michigan, Pennsylvania, and soon-to-be Georgia to lay out the evidence of fraud that his campaign has collected. The goal is to convince the Republican-controlled legislatures in these states to toss out the bogus results and submit Trump's slate of Electoral College electors to Congress.

When that happens, Congress will have the power to decide who won these states.

But already, we are hearing from GOPers like Mitt Romney and Lamar Alexander that they want Trump to just give up and accept defeat. They would rather Biden win a fraudulent election than bother to fight for President Trump.

We can stop the GOP establishment, but we can't do it alone. That is where you come in. You need to get loud right now and put pressure on Congress DEMANDING that they refuse to certify these disputed and obviously fraudulent results.

We can still win this thing, but you need to take action right now!

Don't let the GOP cowards certify these fraudulent results! Quick, you must send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and DEMAND that they block these fraudulent results from being certified... or else!

No surrender!

Max McGuire

Conservative Daily