Marco Rubio has become the latest Republican to abandon Conservatives and voice his support for the vote-by-mail scheme being pushed by Democrats

Yesterday, the Nevada State Legislature passed a sweeping election package. Every registered voter will now receive a mail-in ballot for November's election. The legislature also eliminated restrictions on who is allowed to turn-in a ballot on a voter's behalf, opening up the door for Leftist organizations to pay political activists to go door to door and collect ballots. And showing just how radical this legislative package was, the new Nevada law will actually allow these "ballot harvesters" to help voters fill out their ballots. If Leftist political activists walked into a polling place and tried to tell people how to vote, they would be arrested for voter intimidation. However, this year, door-to-door voter intimidation in Nevada will not only be legal, it will be encouraged...

Nevada is a swing state, or at least it was. Democrats rushed this bill through yesterday in an emergency session because they know it will help them steal the election. Make no mistake: this is an attempt to steal the election. When universal mail-in voting is combined with ballot harvesting, voter fraud is all but guaranteed. And Democrats in Nevada are now trying to undermine that state's Voter ID requirement so that people can vote by mail without having to prove their identity...

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have blocked the next round of coronavirus relief in order to pressure the Republicans into taking Nevada's system and applying it nationwide. They don't want to go state by state with their "cheat by mail" scheme. They want to apply it nationwide, all at once.

And the GOP is caving. The Republican cowards are so terrified of being blamed for people losing their unemployment benefits, they are actually agreeing to Pelosi's mail-in voting demands!

Don't let Nancy Pelosi force her cheat-by-mail scheme onto the country! Please, send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and force them to STOP these radical election amendments from becoming law!

Absentee ballots are fine. When someone knows they will be out of town on election day, or know that they will be sick or unable to make it to the polls, they should be able to vote through the absentee process.

Most states have pretty strict requirements for this. Anyone who wants to have an absentee ballot need to request it, prove their identity, confirm their address, and then, in some cases, even get the ballot notarized before turning it back in themselves.

What Nancy Pelosi is demanding would gut these protections. Instead of real voters having to request the ballots, states would be required to send the ballots out to every registered voter. Instead of verifying that the voter is who they say they are and live where they say they live, the ballots would be sent out using years-old voter registration data.

In Los Angeles, California, voter registration was recently measured at 112% percent. Yes, that means there were more people registered to vote in LA than there were actual residents. All across this country, voter rolls include people who have passed away, moved, or otherwise lost their right to vote. Pelosi's plan would send ballots to those people anyway, guaranteeing that ballots get sent to ineligible voters and fraudulently filled-out and returned...

The Voter ID part of Pelosi's plan is also important. Most states require that absentee voters prove their identity before their vote can count, either by showing an ID when applying for a mail-in ballot, getting their ballot notarized, or signing a statement confirming they will be prosecuted if they are lying about their identity. Pelosi's plan gets rid of those protections. The bill Pelosi is demanding that the GOP agree to pass literally includes sections titled "Prohibiting identification requirement as condition of obtaining ballot" and "Prohibiting requirement to provide notarization or witness signature as condition or obtaining or casting a ballot."

The only reason to do this is to guarantee that fraudulent ballots are cast. Period.

And then the last part of Pelosi's plan to steal the election, and the most dangerous, deals with "Ballot Harvesting." Pelosi's bill would require that states "permit a voter to designate any person to return a voted and sealed absentee ballot." This is a big deal. As we have reported before, states typically require that only family members or designated caretakers turn in absentee ballots. This is because once a ballot changes hands, the likelihood for fraud skyrockets. That is why states restrict who is allowed to turn-in absentee ballots...

Pelosi's bill, as you can see, literally allows for "any person" to return a ballot. This happens in California. Paid political operatives go door to door, tell people how to vote, and then take possession of the ballots. The voter signs a form acknowledging that they are trusting a complete stranger to turn in the ballot. Ballot harvesters have long been suspected of throwing out votes they disagree with and even changing votes. Allowing paid political operatives to take possession of absentee ballots will only increase the fraud and abuse. And Pelosi wants this to be a nationwide policy...

Hold the line and don't let the GOP cave to Pelosi's demands! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to kill these radical cheat-by-mail amendments before it's too late!

Yes, we have been covering this issue a lot. We are doing this for two reasons.

(1) The future of our Republic is at stake. If Nancy Pelosi is able to pass these election amendments into law, more fraudulent votes will be cast. Political operatives will get to work stealing the election. This is not overblown: the very future of our Republic is at stake.

(2) The GOP is made up of cowards who are, right now, caving to these demands. Yesterday, Marco Rubio (R-FL) publicly called on the President to stop resisting the Left's vote-by-mail push and said he was "not concerned" with the election being stolen. Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy have also both reportedly pressured Trump to cave to Pelosi's cheat-by-mail demands.

We are focusing on this issue so much because this is truly a now-or-never moment. With millions of Americans now cut off from Federal unemployment benefits, Congress must pass a new relief bill this week. And the cowards in the GOP are literally caving to Pelosi's radical demands.

I need you to do two things right now.

First, share this with a conservative family member or friend so we can get the word out about what is happening.

You can stop the Democrats from stealing the election, but only if you take action right now!


Max McGuire

Advocacy Director

Conservative Daily