I know I frequently mention the craziness of listening to White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre invoke the Hatch Act to avoid answering questions while at the same time she openly and repeatedly campaigns for Democrats.

To shake things up, for today’s briefing, I made you a short video to emphasize my point.  

The Russian Interference Narrative is Back

You can’t make this up. The White House is actually reviving the Russian Interference narrative for the midterms. This as Stacey Abrams is already denying the election results in Georgia. 

According to AP News today, “Kremlin-connected entrepreneur Yevgeny Prigozhin admitted Monday that he had interfered in U.S. elections and would continue to do so — confirming for the first time the accusations that he has rejected for years. ‘Gentlemen, we have interfered, are interfering and will interfere. Carefully, precisely, surgically and in our own way, as we know how to do,’ Prigozhin boasted in remarks posted on social media.”

When asked for comment on this reporting, KJP was thrilled to share a carefully prepared statement, WATCH:

“The U.S. has worked to expose and counter Russia’s malign influence efforts as we discover them.  So, Yevgeny is a known bad actor who has been sanctioned by the United States, the United Kingdom, and also the European Union.

We also know that part of Russia’s efforts includes promoting narratives aimed at undermining democracy and sowing division and discord.  It’s not surprising that Russia would be highlighting their attempted efforts and fabricra- — fabricating a story about their successes on the eve of an election.”

They’re Going to Stop Counting Again

The narrative is out in force today, from the White House through their media partners and among their minions: We will not know the results on election night. 

This came up a few times with a bit of mixed messaging. Since the stopping of election night, mass mail in ballots, glitches, and all the rest occurred in 2020, it’s now just the way things are supposed to work. KJP refers to these fun red flags as “modern elections” and literally said that’s how elections are “supposed to work.” 

A bit later in the briefing she conceded that this is not normal. It’s new:

“So, we’re just trying to communicate with the American people, let them know like this is — this process certainly has changed, again, in modern elections."

I mashed it up for you, WATCH:


Why Did The President’s Remarks Need to Be Clarified?

Biden was relentlessly mocked for his tone deaf and out of touch messaging with Pennsylvanians over the weekend, and it was so bad that the White House felt the need to issue a statement clarifying his remarks. 

Q: Thanks, Karine.  We don’t often get a very lengthy Saturday statement from you clarifying the President’s remarks from the day prior.  Can you walk through what the genesis of that was and whether or not you guys thought that, perhaps, it would be politically problematic had those statements been allowed to stand? 

KJP: So we just wanted to be — you’re talking about the — the —

Q: On the coal plants. 

White House Press Briefing, November 7, 2022

In case you missed it, Biden said of coal plants – to an Audience in the Keystone State – that he is “shutting them down all across America.” Way to know your audience, scrotus.

Now this was a campaign event and Karine issued a statement in her official capacity. But Biden’s performance was so deliciously abysmal, Hatch Act be damned! She attempted to claim that his words were twisted in the way they were reported, though she declined to say who was twisting them or how. Instead, you got what Biden was meant to say:

"The President was commenting on a fact of economics and technology: as it has been from its earliest days as an energy superpower, America is once again in the midst of an energy transition…He is determined to make sure that this transition helps all Americans in all parts of the country, with more jobs and better opportunities; it’s a commitment he has advanced since Day One.  No one will be left behind.”

KJP, Official Statement on Saturday

Welcome to the Great New American Green World Order Reset Deal, or GNAGWORD for short. 

Biden is taking a wind and solar powered airplane and heading to Egypt at the end of this week to talk about the climate and sink us further into national slavery. 

Happy Election Eve! 

This article was originally published on asheinamerica.com.