Oh boy.

As we reported, Michael Bloomberg made waves in the Nevada Democratic Debate by seeming to claim ownership of Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action. It is questionable whether this is even legal.

Here is what Bloomberg said.

“I think she recognized me, thank you. I have a 6 million-person organization around this country. Moms Demand Action and Everytown. We have put background checks — we have got background checks in 20 states. So you can do it. It’s Congress that can’t seem to do it. And I don’t know why we think they’re going to do it. The vice president voted for a death bill, and supported the NRA. And certainly Senator Sanders has supported the NRA. But we can do this. We have just got to stop talking about it.”

It was Bloomberg's claim that he has a group that raised eyebrows.

And not all that surprisingly, the group's volunteers and activists were shocked to find out that their the man who they believed was their champion actually considers himself to be their boss... And the Moms Demand Action folks were not happy to learn that they were being used as pawns to promote Bloomberg's candidacy...





Grab the popcorn, this is getting fun to watch...