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Yesterday, the Arizona State Legislature held a joint hearing of the Senate and House committees with election oversight authority. For several hours, witnesses in critical infrastructure, elections systems, constitutional law, and other domain experts presented evidence about the reality of our elections. The hearing room was packed with concerned Arizona voters.

This hearing follows the inexplicable midterm election results from Novemer 8, 2022, reinforcing that the fight for free and fair elections is not going away. The hearing covered both the 2020 and 2022 elections, and Arizona legislators and citizens proved they are still firmly in this fight. 

Elections belong to the people. 

Arizona is an example to the nation. While everyone is exhausted, now is the time to press for answers on all the fraud that looks like fraud but "totally isn’t fraud." Answers other than, “Because we said so, election denier!”

We must abolish electronic voting equipment and return to local control of our elections. Voting in person, on election day, showing ID with paper ballots and precinct-level counting is how we restore election integrity.

Your duty is to our natural rights. You swore an oath. Remember your oath.