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Around the nation, there are just a handful of elected officials who are willing to examine the means by which they were elected. These are usually local officials who are quickly rebuked or worse by the party or their elected peers. 

For the election skeptic, this appears as intentional obstruction. If elected officials were really confident in their election outcomes, they should welcome transparency. But very few actually do. Why?

Going back to 2020, the early days of citizens and activists trying to determine what is true about our elections, we first had the Antrim Report. The report showed serious issues with the election in Michigan, but they were quickly dismissed as human error. 

Then came the legislative hearings where first hand witness accounts of fraud, accounts from election judges, poll workers, and election vendor subcontractors, shocked the nation. Those accounts were quickly dismissed as being from those who “just don’t understand elections.”

In 2021, we had the Mesa Reports, the Maricopa Audit Report, and additional discoveries by experts in states around the nation. Dismissed away – the experts analyzing the election data aren’t election experts. They can’t understand why the fraud that looks like fraud isn’t fraud. Neither can you, by the way, because no one is allowed to see the code. 

In 2021, we also had the Senate run-off, which showed the same anomalies as the general before it, and the Gavin Newsom Recall Election and myriad issues with the local elections in November 2021. As we observed more and more election malfeasance, the elected class remained silent. Well, silent except for occasionally slandering their constituents and maintaining the gaslight about our elections.

In 2022, we watched the parties get in on the action and manipulate the candidate selection processes then manipulate the primaries, and now you’re all in office. 

Maybe you got there justifiably. Maybe you had help. The point is that we cannot know because our elections are a black box with zero transparency run by people who deserve ZERO trust. 

It’s uncomfortable to hear that your election may not have been conducted with integrity. But elected officials who claim to have integrity should be committed to proving that it was or fixing it so it does. Pretending it’s fine and gaslighting your constituents that everything is fine in our elections – when all evidence points to the opposite – is not the position of someone with integrity.

It’s the position of someone with something to hide. 

We have great hope in the 118th Congress, hope that this Congress may restore public trust and confidence, even in some small way. But restoring public trust must begin with restoring confidence in the means by which officials are elected. And right now that confidence doesn’t exist.