It is starting to become a very obvious pattern. The country goes to sleep and around 3 or 4 am, when everyone is sleeping, enough ballots get discovered to put Joe Biden ahead of Donald Trump in a swing state.

It happened last night in Georgia. After Donald Trump appeared to clearly win the state, county officials in and around Atlanta announced that they had found additional "absentee" votes. But instead of counting them on election night, they claimed that a "burst pipe" forced them to delay the count. After spending days to do what most other states accomplish in hours, these Atlanta Counties waited until the dead of night to turn in their "votes," putting Biden ahead now by 1,600 votes.

But when you look at the data, there are serious red flags. Democrat Senate Candidate Jon Ossoff received 100,000 fewer votes than Joe Biden did. By comparison, the GOP candidate, David Perdue, received 1,000 votes more than Donald Trump. We are supposed to believe that Joe Biden won Georgia because 100,000 people voted for him and him alone...

A similar phenomena happened in Michigan, with Joe Biden receiving 70k more votes than the Democrat Senate candidate. In Wisconsin, Joe Biden significantly out-performed Democrat House candidates.

And when you start thinking how this could happen, it starts making a little more sense. A female ballot counter in Delaware County, PA was caught - on video - filling in ballots. A ballot counter in Georgia was caught - on video - flipping the middle finger at a ballot he was reading and then crumpling a ballot up. 

If you are going to fraudulently fill out ballots, it is a lot easier to quickly just vote for the Presidential race. The longer you spend manufacturing votes, the higher the likelihood that you will be caught. We also saw a similar phenomenon in Texas. When Project Veritas caught Mauro Garza illegally telling people how to vote for specific candidates. When you are being paid by one candidate to steal the election, you only care about whipping up votes for your client...

We have seen solid evidence of dead people voting in Michigan and out-of-state people voting in Nevada. In Philadelphia, Trump poll watchers were barred from entering the counting facility, even after they had secured a court order requiring the City to let them in, In Detroit, after GOP poll watchers and challengers were kicked out of the counting room, election officials put cardboard on the windows to stop them from watching the count from outside of the room.

That combined with illegal ballot harvesting, and it becomes easier to understand how Joe Biden - a 78-year-old dementia patient - would be able to secure more votes than any other Presidential candidate in American history. More votes than even Barack Hussein Obama...

Last year, when a political operative was caught illegally harvesting a couple hundred ballots in North Carolina, a Federal judge ordered a do-over election. Democrats were ecstatic and celebrated that ruling. But now, as more and more impropriety and fraud comes to light, Democrats and even some spineless Republicans are demanding that we all sit down, shut up, and accept that Joe Biden won.

If Joe Biden won legitimately, then that's it. But there is too much smoke here to just assume that there's no fire...

Do not let Congress certify this election fraud! Please, you need to send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress right now and DEMAND a full election audit to stop these fraudulent ballots from being counted!

No one can say with a straight face that it is normal for Joe Biden to receive 20k, 50k, or 100k straight votes. No one can honestly say that while Joe Biden lost African American support around the country, he surged to record black turnout only in pivotal cities like Milwauke, Detroit, and Philadelphia.

No one can say that it is normal for poll watchers to be sent home or kicked out, only for hundreds of thousands of Joe Biden votes to be discovered in the dead of night.

There is ample evidence to prove inconsistencies in this election. Not enough to prove absolute fraud and election theft, but more than enough evidence to suggest that something was seriously wrong. 

Nancy Pelosi came out in front of cameras today and called Joe Biden the "President-Elect." Ultimately, Nancy Pelosi plans to be the one who rubber stamps this stolen election. She plans to be the one to certify that Joe Biden is the next President.

As she said a couple of days ago, she expected Joe Biden to win, regardless of what the final tallies showed...

Honest Democrats know that there is something seriously wrong here. Most Conservatives understand that there is something seriously wrong here.

But Congress is preparing to rubber stamp the election results anyway...

Do not let Congress certify this election fraud! Please, you need to send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress right now and DEMAND a full election audit to stop these fraudulent ballots from counted!

Republicans blew the Democrats away in State Legislature contests, Governors' races, gained seats in the House of Representatives, and only lost 1 Senate race. We are expected to just accept that the GOP won the down ballot election but lost the Presidential election.

GOP Congressmen and Senators rode Donald Trump's coat tails to victory. Without Pres. Trump's help, these GOPers would have lost their seats. Except, instead of coming to President Trump's defense, many of these cowards are now distancing themselves from the President and telling him to just accept the loss.

It is up to you to hold these cowards' feet to the fire and FORCE them to hold the line!

Do not let Congress certify this election fraud! Please, you need to send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress right now and DEMAND a full election audit to stop these fraudulent ballots from counting!

Stop the steal!

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily