As soon as the pandemic started, Democrats began demanding that the 2020 election be conducted entirely through the mail. Not only would this be designed to increase Democrat turnout, but it would also make it easier for leftist groups to commit voter fraud.

All around the country, liberal states vowed to experiment with voter ID this summer to show how safe and reliable that it is. One of those states was New Jersey.

I'm not going to sugarcoat this: New Jersey's attempt to use voter ID has been disastrous.

The City of Paterson, NJ decided to hold its municipal election entirely by mail this year. They received a total of 16,747 mail-in ballots, but ruled that almost 3,200 of those ballots were fraudulent. That comes out to 19%. 1 in 5 mail-in ballots in this city alone were thrown out. Reports of fraud, voter intimidation, and ballot theft began flooding in.

The state's Attorney General announced that four men have now been charged with voter fraud, and his office is investigating more potential instances of fraud.

And we just received more news from the Garden State. A mail truck carrying mail-in ballots burst into flames, destroying ballots set to be delivered to as many as 100 addresses. The State is now warning everyone living in the mail route that their mail-in ballot may never arrive, and that they need to find another way to get a ballot.

This is what Democrats want to roll out nationwide. Make no mistake: This is designed to steal the election. This is designed to help Democrats steal control of the country.

And it CANNOT be allowed to pass!

Don't let Nancy Pelosi and the Left steal the 2020 election! You must send your instant FaxBlast to Congress before it's too late and THREATEN to remove anyone who votes for mail-in voting, the elimination of voter ID, or ballot harvesting!

Only an idiot would look at the fraud taking place around the country and believe that the time is right to roll out nationwide voter fraud. And yet, that is precisely what Democrats are doing.

But as almost always seems to be the case, they aren't alone... Democrats have help.

Anyone with half a brain can see that the Left is trying to steal the election. It is quite telling, then, that Mitt Romney is the GOPer leading the charge in support of mail-in voting. He says that since many Utahn vote by mail without consequence, there shouldn't be any reason not to extend it nationwide. Rep. Peter King (R-NY) has also said he supports Pelosi's Cheat-By-Mail plan.

But Democrats aren't just talking about expanding the status quo. Nancy Pelosi is now forcing on a bill designed to steal the election.

Her bill would mandate that all states provide mail-in ballots to all registered voters. The legislation has no requirement that cities and states purge the rolls of dead, inactive, or ineligible voters. If this passes, illegal votes will be cast. That is guaranteed.

It would also make it illegal for states to require identity checks. All across this country, in red and blue states, people applying for absentee ballots need to prove their identity, either by providing photo identification or including a witness signature on their ballot attesting to their identity. Pelosi's bill would make it illegal to check voter's identities at all. The only reason to make it illegal to check people's IDs is to ensure that illegal ballots are cast. Period.

But the last provision of the bill is the worst part. Pelosi's plan would legalize "ballot harvesting" nationwide. In almost all states, if someone wants to vote by mail, they either need to mail it or turn it in themselves, or they have to designate a family member or caretaker to do it for them. It typically has to be a family member or caretaker to limit the possibility of fraud. However, "ballot harvesting" allows anyone to collect mail-in ballots, including paid political operatives. It is literally opening up the door to fraud, and Nancy Pelosi's plan would take this radical program nationwide.

This is how the Left plans to steal the election.

Nancy Pelosi and the Left realize that if they don't get this passed soon, it will be too late to put into effect in time for the 2020 election. That is why they are rushing to get this passed this coming week.

And you cannot trust Republicans to stop this. The GOP is so desperate to appear politically correct and reasonable that they are actually talking about compromising with people trying to steal the election.

You need to rise up and stop this right now before it's too late!