Yesterday, we received word that Republicans on the Wayne County Board of Canvassers had refused to certify the results. After examining the poll books from Detroit-area counties, they saw too many discrepancies between the number of votes cast and the number of voters signed in to be comfortable with certifying the results. In 70% of Detroit's precincts, the number of votes and voters just didn't match up.

The two Republicans didn't say that they would never agree to certify the results. The GOPers on the board simply said the discrepancies needed to be explained and rectified before they could sign off and certify the vote.

Immediately, the Democrat political machine descended on these two people. During the public comment period, which was held by video, irate Democrats threatened the two GOP members, doxxed them by publicly sharing where they live. Abraham Aiyash (shown above), a Michigan State Representative-Elect, used his time at the microphone to threaten one of the Republicans' children by announcing what school they attend. These two GOP board members were accused of being racists, segregationists, and pretty much every name in the Democrat Party Playbook.

After being threatened and intimidated, the GOP members caved. Facing the prospect of an angry and violent mob on their doorstep, they agreed to certify the results even though there were legitimate discrepancies that called into question the integrity of the process.

The Republicans tried to make it conditional, meaning they would only agree to certify the results if Michigan's Secretary of State agreed to audit the entire county's results. But in classic Republican fashion, the *request* for an audit was made through a non-binding resolution that has no bearing on the certification. The Democrat Secretary of State wasted no time saying that the state will consider launching an audit.

And just like that, Wayne County's results will be certified. When two Republicans dared question the fraudulent voter records, the mob descended on them and accused them of being racists and even threatened their children.

This is not the first time this has happened in American history. In 1876, Democrats were caught stuffing the ballot boxes and stealing the election. They threatened and pressured the local officials into certifying the fraudulent results in Louisiana, South Carolina, and Florida. But when it came to the GOP-controlled legislatures in these states, they refused to go along with the fraud. These legislatures sent a different slate of legislators to Congress and Congress was able to toss out the fraudulent results and certify the Republican as the rightful winner.

History is now repeating itself, right before our eyes and once again, it will be up to Congress to ensure that these fraudulent votes are not fully certified!

Quick, you must send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to throw out these fraudulent results and STOP Joe Biden and the Leftists from stealing the election!

The Wayne County Board of Canvassers originally refused to certify the results? Because in somewhere between 70% and 72% of Detroit's precincts, there were irregularities in the data. The number of votes cast did not match up with the number of votes recorded. What that means is that between 28% and 30% of Detroit's votes are NOT RECOUNTABLE!

If a recount was ordered today, those votes would not be countable because there are discrepancies in the logs calling the entire precincts into doubt.

Instead of rectifying these discrepancies, or at least trying to explain them, the mob went after the two GOP board members personally and even went after their children.

The Republicans caved to the pressure. Knowing that an election was being stolen right in front of their eyes, these two Republican elected officials -- Monica Palmer and William Hartmann -- bowed to the pressure and agreed to certify results they knew to be fraudulent.

Yes, they were threatened. Yes, their children were threatened. What the Left did to these people yesterday was not only illegal under Michigan's cyber-bullying laws, but likely also qualified as terroristic threats. But they still caved.

We are hearing that Palmer and Hartmann may have subsequently refused to actually sign the certification paperwork, but Democrats are now claiming that their voice-vote to certify the results was good enough.

This comes on the heels of news out of Georgia. Yesterday, the recount discovered thousands of votes that had not been originally counted. A scheme was also uncovered in Dekalb county that would have given Joe Biden an additional 9,000 votes out of thin air. Yet, despite the missing votes and obvious fraud, Georgia is also racing to certify their results by Friday.

The good news is that the Trump campaign has agreed to pay the 7 million for a recount in Wisconsin. But Democrat lawyers are already on route to ensure that none of the absentee ballots or signatures get challenged...

The election is being stolen. We cannot trust the boards of canvassers in these states to do the right thing. Even when they uncover unexplainable discrepancies that make 30% of all votes unable to be recounted, they still cave to the Leftists' pressure...

It is so pathetic.

The future of this Republic now rests with you! It is up to YOU to stop Congress from certifying these fraudulent results!

They are stealing the election right in front of our eyes! Please rise up and fight back before it's too late!

Stop the steal before it's too late!

Max McGuire

Conservative Daily