This week, a 19-year-old pregnant illegal alien from Guatemala was killed trying to climb over the border wall and into the United States.

Spurred on by "coyotes" (human traffickers), the woman (7 months pregnant) decided to try to climb over the border wall in El Paso, Texas.

Unable to make the climb, she ended up falling 19 feet to the ground. A man who was trying to enter the United States with her, believed to be the baby's father, was able to get the attention of nearby Border Patrol agents.

The woman was brought to the hospital, but it was too late for doctors to do anything for her or her baby.

Based on a very loose interpretation of the 14th Amendment, any child born on US soil is automatically given American citizenship. Even if the parents were in the country illegally.

It is not uncommon for pregnant woman to try to illegally enter the United States specifically to give birth on American soil.

Under the Obama administration, pregnant illegal aliens could just walk up to Border Patrol agents and, under the catch-and-release program, be released into the interior with a notice to appear in court for a deportation hearing. It was not uncommon for those court hearings to be scheduled AFTER the woman's due date, meaning any illegal alien (as long as they showed up at the border towards the end of their pregnancy) would be guaranteed a right to give birth on US soil.

President Trump repealed this policy and implemented his own Remain in Mexico policy. Illegal aliens who are apprehended and try to use the same asylum loopholes to gain entry are now instead returned to Mexico to await a deportation hearing there. Instead of giving birth on US soil, pregnant migrants are now giving birth in Mexico (where no additional citizenship rights are afforded to them).

Border Patrol has noticed an increase in the number of pregnant women trying to sneak into the country anyway and the agents are now working with their Mexican counterparts to stop pregnant women from trying to climb over the border wall.