Yesterday, we posted RAW FOOTAGE of Joe Biden sitting in a fast food restaurant, praising Beto O'Rourke's gun control record, and then promising that if he's elected President, "I'm coming for 'em."

That RAW FOOTAGE went viral, being seen on YouTube over 200,000 times. We also posted our own interpretation of what Biden said, explaining how we came to the conclusion that we did. And in anticipation of some kind of censorship coming down, we also posted our own preemptive fact check video to get out ahead of it.

Well, we logged into our Facebook page today to find that this RAW FOOTAGE is now being labeled as "Partly False" and "Misleading." How could RAW FOOTAGE be labeled false or misleading? Well, a former CNN employee, Ryan Cooper, decided that when he listens to the footage, he hears "I'm coming for him," meaning Beto, instead of "'em," meaning guns.

Cooper, now working for LeadStories(dot)com, determined that his hearing is superior and therefore any other interpretation of the RAW FOOTAGE is false and misleading. Never heard of LeadStories, but apparently Facebook believes in them because this "fact check" was enough for Facebook to now institute a "fake news" warning anytime someone posts that Joe Biden is coming for Americans' guns.

Functionally, there is no difference between Biden coming for our guns and Biden saying he is going to come for (hire) someone who has promised for months that he will take away our guns if given the chance.

But the fact that Facebook is now censoring content because of one person's own interpretative transcript is terrifying.

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