Last night's Democrat debate was pretty interesting. It was a mix of all of the crazy we have come to expect from the Left. One candidate literally promised to pay people $12,000 if they signed up for his campaign's email list. Another actually admitted that he wants to confiscate Americans' guns.

What was perhaps most memorable, however, is how bad Joe Biden looked onstage. I used to worry that Joe Biden would actually be able to beat Trump. Now, I desperately want the Democrats to nominate him.

Take this as an example. During the debate, the moderators asked the candidates to talk about their plans to fix the racial and socio-economic inequalities that exist in our education system.

Joe Biden's answer was so dumb, I had to rewind to make sure he actually said it.

Joe Biden on how to make sure kids get a better education:

“Play the radio, make sure the television, excuse me, make sure you have a record player on at night, make sure that kids hear words, a kid coming from a very poor school, or a very poor background, will hear four million fewer words spoken by the time they get there.”

I can understand what Joe Biden is saying. There was a study published not long ago that brought lower class, inner-city school children to a grocery store and asked them to name the fruits and vegetables in front of them. 

Now I will admit, there are some funky fruits and vegetables that even I don't know about. I only got to hold a dragonfruit in my hands a few years ago. There is no doubt that global commerce allows us to buy exotic fruits and vegetables that would have spoiled over the long journey even just a couple decades ago.

But this study found that inner city children had no idea what a cucumber was. They had never even heard the word eggplant before. A lot of that has to do with poor nutrition in cities. It shows that the general point is true.

Even still, Joe Biden's policy suggestion is just plain stupid.

The way to fix systemic inequality in our education system is to have kids watch more television? Is he nuts?

And "have the record player on at night?" What year does Joe Biden think it is, 1955?

It is just so... dumb. And it makes it obvious that Joe Biden is out of touch. Every other candidate on stage was talking about systemic racism and Uncle Joe is over hear telling people to set their dials to listen to Little Orphan Annie radio show.

As the night went on, I actually started feeling bad for Joe Biden. After protesters interrupted one of his answers, Biden was a stuttering mess.

It is painfully clear that he is just not fit to become President.