Joe Biden is predicted to have a really good night when the polls close later today. But by all accounts, the former Vice President had a really crappy morning.

Biden toured an auto factory and made the error of walking over to some Detroit auto workers to strike up a conversation.

That is when one auto worker called Joe Biden out on his gun control agenda, *correctly* accusing the former-Vice President for wanting to come for Americans' guns.

Joe Biden, always trying to win over votes, accused the gun-owning auto worker of being "Full of Sh*t."

Biden then launched into a gun control rambling where he started by condemning the private ownership of "AR-14s."

Unable to win over the gun owner, Biden told him not to be such a "horse's ass" before other auto workers began erupting into "Trump" chants.

Combine this with last night's rally, which was overtaken by Bernie supporters, and I find it really hard to believe Joe Biden is going to run away with this state...