The Supreme Court finally responded to the Trump administration's petition and tossed out a 9th Circuit decision that had overturned Trump's Remain in Mexico program.

Basically, the 9th Circuit had ruled that Trump has no choice but to let illegal aliens into the country when they show up at border checkpoints. Trump's Remain in Mexico policy, instead of releasing illegal aliens into the interior, required them to wait in Mexico until their court dates.

Had the 9th Circuit gotten its way, Trump would have been forced to re-adopt Obama's catch-and-release strategy.

When the 9th Circuit's ruling originally came down, hundreds of migrants tried to rush the checkpoint in El Paso. The Trump administration had no choice but to close the border bridge to prevent the invasion.

Active duty troops had been moving to the border this week in case the Supreme Court had chosen to deny Trump's appeal.

Luckily, those troops will not be necessary...

Here is the order: