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The United States of America used to be about dreams, goals, hard work, accomplishment, and success.  Our nation was a bastion of capitalism amongst the horde of socialists focused on destroying America’s wealth and global standing.  People who want to turn the American dream an American nightmare have long hated us because of our successful economic system.

After the world spent decades vanquishing the failed Marxist ideologies of communism and socialism, the idea of collectivism is back.  This time it is called welfare.  Liberals and socialists will tell you it is a helping hand.  They will tell you that it helps the community.  They will tell you it assists the poor.  The reality is that welfare is veiled monetary redistribution that hurts our community and eviscerates our economy.  Get out your hammer and sickle because Karl Marx is back in a big way and is destroying the American way of life.

You probably think of welfare as America’s safety net; no matter what happens, the government will make sure that you didn’t starve to death.  What you probably aren’t aware of is how megalithic this monstrosity of an entitlement program has truly become.   You probably have no idea how much of our annual budget is dedicated to welfare alone.  Finally and most dangerously, you probably don’t realize how the United States has started incentivizing poverty for political purposes.  Liberals are buying votes, annihilating capitalism, and destroying the American dream in an effort to finally satiate their authoritarian appetite.

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Don’t believe us?  In 2008, the government spent nearly $800 billion on welfare alone.  Yes, the United States spent a whooping $800 billion to pay people not to work!

But hold on to your hats because that was before President Obama took office.  Since 2008 welfare costs have skyrocketed to over a TRILLION dollars!!!  That’s right, a 32% increase in under four years!  Fax Congress and tell them to cut cord and the spending!

Do you really think the American need of welfare went up 32% in four short years or is something else at play here?  Do you think the liberals and Obama are using welfare as an electoral tool to garner votes?  In a statement from Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) regarding the exponentially expanding welfare enrollment list seen over the last three years, Sessions stated that Obama’s Federal government "explicitly encouraged growth in welfare enrollment -- combined with a weakening of welfare standards and rules."  It seems that the tax dollars of the productive is being wasted and squandered by able-bodied men and women who take a government welfare check in exchange for a liberal vote come Election Day.

Click HERE to demand that Congress dramatically cut welfare entitlement

It is clear that President Obama is using welfare to politically enslave those members of society who would rather sit on their butts rather than give a hard days work for an honest wage.  As stated earlier, since Obama took office we have seen welfare enrollment explode; it is now estimated that one in every five people are on welfare in this country.  One in every five!!  Liberals who want to use poverty as a voting block are using many of these new enrollees as political pawns.

Don’t let the irony of this situation be lost on you.  Currently, President Obama is trying to win reelection by convincing voters that they need his plan and his government checkbook during these difficult economic times.  However, it was Obama’s plan that created this mess.  Now, Obama is trying to keep his job by saying Americans need Obama because of the problems Obama created.  Unbelievable!

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In a time of fiscal crisis and economic emergency President Obama decided he needed to “encourage” welfare growth in the US?  Do you think we can afford to keep paying healthy men and women not to work?   Where is the solution in that plan?  We will pay more money, dig ourselves deeper in debt, and we will not produce a single good or service that will increase the GDP; that’s not a plan, it’s a suicide note.

It is time that we tell Congress to end all the free lunches.  It is time that we tell Congress to end the politicizing of welfare.  We must demand real cuts to the budget that will have a positive affect on our economy.  Taxpayers shouldn't be stuck footing the bill for President Obama’s reelection.  There is no economic reason that 1/5th the American population should need government assistance.  President Obama is trying to buy reelection using the United States treasury.  Fax Congress and stop him today.

Click HERE to demand that Congress dramatically cut welfare entitlement


Tony Adkins