Fellow Conservative,

I am going to keep this short and sweet. Today is the absolute last chance to stop Obamatrade in its tracks.

Last week, the House of Representatives rammed through the Trade Promotional Authority legislation, giving the President tremendous power to negotiate trade treaties and add whatever he wants to the text. Congress would be powerless to amend the final version and would only be allowed to vote yes or no.

Congress has never voted against a trade agreement after giving the President ‘fast-track’ powers. That is why it is so important to put a stop to this now.

Don’t let the GOP give Obama more power. Tell Congress to vote NO on the TPA and giving Obama fast-track powers!

Barack Obama could add immigration reform (already confirmed), global warming regulations (already confirmed), gun control, free speech regulations (already confirmed), or give up American sovereignty and Congress would be powerless to stop it without killing the entire trade agreement.

Plain and simple, Obama cannot be trusted with this power. And if Hillary Clinton actually manages to be elected, she certainly can’t be trusted with this power either.

Yet, that is exactly what Congress is finalizing today. They want to give Barack Obama and his yet-to-be-determined successor the power to negotiate this trade deal without Congressional input.

Unacceptable. Flat out unacceptable.

This is the last opportunity to stop Obamatrade and the RINOs from giving Obama near-unlimited power. Raise your voice now before it is too late!

Obamatrade could become the law of the land today. Demand that Congress halt the RINOs’ attempt to give Obama fast-track powers!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily