Dear Conservative,

The full House of Representatives will vote tomorrow on whether to hold Lois Lerner in Contempt of Congress.

Lois Lerner is the Obama bureaucrat at the heart of the IRS targeting program. She was previously in charge of handling non-profit applications from organizations seeking to become tax-exempt.

She refused to testify before Congress not once, but twice on her role in the IRS targeting scandal. However, she invoked her 5th Amendment right to stay silent AFTER delivering an opening statement asserting her innocence. This has led many GOP lawmakers to assert that she waived her right to remain silent when she delivered an opening remark.

Even with her silence, all the evidence reveals that Ms. Lerner played a large role in deliberately silencing the Conservative movement leading up to the 2012 election. Emails recovered between her and her subordinates show that the IRS targeting scandal was not limited to a few rogue agents in Cincinnati (as the White House originally claimed) but it goes all the way to the top. Even though e-mails obtained show that Ms. Lerner played an integral role in the scandal, she still refuses to say a word.

The full House of Representatives is set to vote in the next 24 hours on whether Lois Lerner’s crimes warrant the charge of Contempt of Congress. The Democrats are scrambling to try and gather up enough votes to kill the contempt charge! That cannot be allowed to happen! Lois Lerner has to be held in contempt and thrown in jail until she agrees to testify on the IRS targeting scandal!

Tell Congress that it MUST hold Lois Lerner in Contempt of Congress and throw her in the Capitol Jail!

The Left is doing everything it can to paint the IRS targeting scandal as a “phony scandal.” Remember when Barack Obama promised the American people on national television that there wasn’t a “smidgen of corruption?” Well, if there isn’t any corruption, why is Lois Lerner pleading the fifth?

Either Barack Obama is lying to the American people and there actually is widespread corruption (which explains Lois Lerner’s decision to plead the fifth), OR there really is nothing there and Lois Lerner is just pleading the Fifth to try and delay a Congressional investigation.

The evidence is there to prove that there is more than just a “smidgen” of corruption. The whole case reeks of corruption!

You have the power to force Congress to take a stand. However Congress cannot simply hold Lois Lerner in contempt only to turn the case over to Eric Holder and the Department of Justice. Of the emails released to Congress, some show that Lois Lerner was actually colluding with the DOJ to prosecute Conservative groups!

Eric Holder will never arrest Lois Lerner, or any member of the Obama administration for that matter.

Congress must hold Lois Lerner in Contempt and order the House of Representative’s Sergeant in Arms to track Lois Lerner down and throw her in handcuffs.

Yes, that is both legal and constitutional. Congress has a jail under the Capitol Building for this very purpose. While the jail cell has not been used for some time, the Supreme Court has already ruled that Congress has the power to hold someone in contempt and jail them for the remainder of that congressional session. In the 1821 case, Anderson v. Dunn, the Supreme Court affirmed that Congress does have the power to imprison individuals held in contempt for the duration of that session. In 1857, Congress passed a law making Contempt of Congress a criminal offense.

Congress has all the tools that it needs. It has evidence of widespread corruption in the IRS. It has proof that Lois Lerner illegally targeted Conservative non-profit groups in order to affect an election. And Congress has the ability not only to hold Ms. Lerner in Contempt, but also to jail her until she agrees to testify!

We must urge Congress not only to vote for Contempt charges, but they also must follow up that charge with real enforcement. Lois Lerner must be incarcerated!

The evidence shows that Lois Lerner knew what she was doing and she deliberately targeted non-profit applications from Conservative groups! Every minute she is allowed to taunt the country with her silence is another minute that the IRS and the White House are allowed to target you, your family, and anyone else who believes in freedom and limited government!

Tomorrow, the House of Representatives will vote on whether to hold Lois Lerner in Contempt of Congress. This is a vote that we cannot afford to lose! We must reach out to our Congressmen and force them to vote in favor of contempt charges AND incarceration!

I am tired of watching this administration violate the constitution, only to stonewall congressional investigations. And I am tired of watching Congress tiptoe around the issues because they are too afraid of doing what needs to be done! If we have any hope of holding this Administration accountable, we must force Congress to hold Lois Lerner in Contempt and throw her in jail!

Tell Congress that it MUST hold Lois Lerner in Contempt of Congress and throw her in the Capitol Jail!


Joe Otto