Dear Conservative American,

Didn’t it feel like the Affordable Healthcare Law was a game with our health at stake?  It sure felt to me like the chips were stacked against us. No one that pushed this law on us now wants it, and they don’t want to own it either.

Guess what? They can’t hide. The Establishment “smells” of Obamacare and the STINK isn’t going away before the elections!  America now sees that it was and is a terrible idea. We will make government accountable.

Let’s be clear:

A FIX IS NOT AN ANSWER. Any “fix” is not an answer.


Any “fix” could destabilize the market completely! Obama wants to continue to march forward to “transformation” (blow-up) our healthcare system. Don’t let him. Don’t let the White House go around Congress again!

An “administrative fix” is not a fix. It is tyranny!

Obama cannot simply craft the law to his liking, without regard to our Constitution and our rule of law!

Spin the wheel and see what an administrative solution will do for you?!

Obamacare is a dismal failure that will plunge the United States into an economic disaster and will eventually force us into a single-payer system, all while destroying the greatest healthcare system in the world.

Demand a delay and ultimately, REPEAL for the hardworking American people!

We knew that Obama was promising something he couldn’t deliver. Is that a lie? I sure think it is.

They kept repeating the same lies right up past the cliff.  They lied about the lies. Obama now calls his lie, “an incomplete truth.” He’s called it many things already but it doesn’t matter what you call it.

The “promise” isn’t possible! Obamacare is theory and the math isn’t working!

Fax Congress now and tell them to grant individuals a delay and then repeal Obamacare

The Republican Establishment can claim they didn’t vote for it, but many of them blew all their credibility when they had YEARS to withhold funding.

The ESTABLISHMENT continued politics as usual and kept playing their hand to keep their healthcare while taxing us to pay for it. Tell them what you want:

REPEAL.  OBAMACARE MUST BE STOPPED – there is no fix for the socialized system.

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OBAMA PROMISED WE COULD KEEP OUR HEALTH PLANS…but that isn’t true. Millions of Americans are losing their coverage.


OBAMA TOLD US IT WOULD COST LESS…but that isn’t true. Single coverage premiums will rise AT LEAST $2,150 over the next decade and family premiums will go up by $5,080.

So, who is paying for this? YOU AND I ARE PAYING FOR IT. Middle America is paying for it, just like we always do.

Obamacare is making America sick, and it is only going to get worse. The government is unable to run anything responsibly, and I for one do not want to go down with their sinking ship.

Fax Congress and demand they govern responsibly and give the American people a break just like they gave themselves! DEMAND DELAY AND REPEAL.


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily