Dear conservative,

When Barack Obama was campaigning for president, he promised that his administration would not wage a War on Coal. Sadly, like the majority of Obama's promises, this turned out to be a lie as well!

Since taking up residence in the White House, Pres. Obama has waged an all-out War on Coal and the results have been absolutely disastrous!

Worldwide coal consumption is at an all-time high. Coal is used to create 41% of the world's electricity, and coal is used to create 70% of the world's steel. The global need for coal is predicted to increase 2.3% every year through 2018. And with this increased need comes increased profitability. Global market conditions imply that coal mining should be an incredibly lucrative industry now.

However, thanks to President Barack Obama and his cronies in the Environmental Protection Agency, it has never been WORSE to be a coal miner in America. Obama is bankrupting the coal industry right on schedule, and if Congress does not act fast, the EPA will deal the finishing blow to America’s coal industry!

Stop Obama’s EPA from Bankrupting America’s Coal Industry!

All the way back in 2008, then-Senator Obama made a campaign promise to the San Francisco Chronicle that his administration would bankrupt the coal industry and make it impossible to open a new coal power plant in the United States.

Well, while most of Obama’s promises turned out to be total lies, he actually followed through with this one.

Since taking office, Obama’s regulatory policies have had a direct effect on closing over 200 coal power plants around the country and the result is staggering! Under his presidency, the United States has lost over 10% of its total coal energy output from Obama’s War on Coal! Not only does that send shockwaves across the economy, leading to widespread job-loss, but it also translates into higher energy bills for everyone!

You might not live in an area of the country dependent on coal, but I can tell you that there are regions where this President has actually caused an economic depression. In Kentucky, for example, there were 18,000 coal mining jobs prior to Barack Hussein Obama taking office. That is just counting the number of people working in the mines. There were tons of other jobs built up around this industry as well. Thanks to Pres. Obama’s policies, a whopping 5,000 people have lost their jobs in the coal mines, and that’s just in Kentucky!

Now I know… 5,000 might not seem like such a huge number. But as a percentage, that represents a 28% loss of coal mining jobs! When you factor in all of the industry that developed around the coal mines, Obama’s EPA policies have left entire regions of the country completely devastated!

Luckily, the Congressional Republicans are mounting a last-ditch effort to stop Obama’s EPA regulations in their tracks! We need every single Member of Congress to STOP Obama from bankrupting the entire coal industry!

Stop Obama’s EPA from Bankrupting America’s Coal Industry!

Sen. Mitch McConnell represents those 5,000 Kentuckians who have lost their jobs in the mines because of this President. But Kentucky is not alone in this fight. Western Pennsylvania, Wyoming, West Virginia, Ohio, Illinois, Texas, and many other states that produce our nation’s coal are watching as Obama’s regulations completely crush the industry!

That is why Republicans and some Democrats are gearing up for a fight. Mitch McConnell has recently introduced a formal Resolution of Disapproval, which might sound like an unimportant piece of legislation, but it actually has the power to turn the tide in Obama’s War on Coal.

We are at a time in history where American coal is needed more than ever before. Worldwide coal use is at an all-time high and is predicted to keep on growing. The United States economy needs every export it can get. Yet instead of allowing the coal industry to take advantage of this increase in demand, Barack Obama is using his regulatory powers to shut these coal companies down… all in an effort to stem climate change!

Since 1996, Congress has had the authority to use these Resolutions of Disapproval to halt federal regulations or policies. The little-known parliamentary motion has only successfully been used once, however Republicans believe that this might actually have a shot! That is where you come in!

If left unchecked, Obama’s EPA regulations will bankrupt the coal industry and cost thousands upon thousands of people their jobs. As a country, we cannot afford to have more people unemployed! The government will be forced to provide unemployment benefits on a massive scale, on top of losing all the tax and export revenue of this valuable commodity. And when all is said and done, every American will have to pay even more on their energy bill.

The Obama administration has been slowly whittling away at the coal industry. However the EPA just released new regulations that would put EVERY coal power plant out of business almost instantly!

You need to stand up and urge every Congressman and Senator to vote in favor of this Resolution of Disapproval! All it takes is a simple majority to pass in both the House and the Senate, but Congress will only pass it if they think the American people support it! That is why you should fax every single Member of Congress, because if this resolution stalls and the EPA regulations are allowed to stand, that will mean the end of the coal industry and the end to any hope of American energy independence!

Stop Obama’s EPA from Bankrupting America’s Coal Industry!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily