Most bad bills in Congress start out with an “urgent” need to fix something that isn’t broken. The Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) is one such action that is hurting our economy and will soon damage every vehicle we drive.

The RFS mandate requires that certain amounts of ethanol be blended with gasoline every year—but our fuel demand is decreasing as ethanol requirements are increasing. That leaves us with biofuel blends that will be so excessive they will damage our engines and void our warranties.

Also, corn prices have risen 300 percent since RFS came into play around 2005. That means higher prices for farmers, and higher prices for consumers at the grocery store or local restaurant.

In the House, Democratic Representative Jim Matheson of Utah and Republican Bob Goodlatte of Virginia have introduced H.R. 1461, the Renewable Fuel Standard Elimination Act.  In the Senate, the Renewable Fuel Standard Repeal Act, S.1195 has been proposed by Republicans John Barrasso of Wyoming and Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, joined by Democrat John Barrasso of Wyoming. Insist Congress support these bills to get rid of the RFS and save our economy.  

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The initial reason for the RFS was to provide an environmentally better alternative to gasoline. However, the Natural Resources Defense Council said three years ago that “What the ethanol industry is actually producing today is causing more climate pollution than gasoline.” Only between 5 and 26 percent of the energy content of ethanol is renewable!

In another ridiculous twist, the RFS demands that manufacturers use cellulosic fuels that are not even available outside a laboratory yet … but if they don’t use these cellulosic fuels which are unavailable, they will be fined by the EPA.

It may be your car, your boat, your four-wheeler, or an emergency vehicle racing to a life or death situation: EPA regulations based on faulty science and a “we-have-to-do-something-about-nothing” attitude are going to cause Americans great pain. Recently, a District of Columbia ambulance broke down while transporting a man to the hospital, because of an EPA emission control mandate. The man died.

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We must get Congress to support H.R. 1461, S.1195 and other legislation like these. Stop the EPA from imposing regulations based on a global warming threat that studies are consistently showing to be false.

Bill Klesse, chairman and CEO, Valero Energy Corp. says RFS is “nothing more than a federally mandated cost to each gallon of transportation fuel that will be passed on to the consumer.

AAA recently testified before Congress, the E-15 blend is not warranted for use by 95 percent of cars on the road today.”

Governors of Georgia, Texas, Arkansas, Delaware, Maryland, New Mexico and North Carolina petitioned the EPA to suspend the RFS program requirements, and the EPA rejected them, saying that the petitioners didn’t show that RFS was the sole cause and not a contributing factor. By using an impossible burden of proof and playing with words, the EPA denied those states and essentially set the foundation for economic failure in America.

Obama has just announced his support for crushing “climate change” regulations. The EPA will use whatever means necessary to regulate American consumers and kill businesses, all in the name of fake science.

If Congress does not REPEAL THE RENEWABLE FUEL STANDARD, we will experience damage to our vehicles and increased gas prices. Stop the EPA and the environmentalists’ assault on America!

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