Dear Conservative Friend,

Thank God the government is open for business. But at what cost?

How did the Democrats and President Obama achieve a victory at the Eleventh Hour?

We know it was deceptions, lies, twisting of arms, threats!  And much of this was from the Senate GOP.  That’s the really sad part.

Not to mention the Senate GOP got NOWHERE on the DEBT crisis. They only kicked the can down the road yet again.

Yup, it was embarrassing. Our politicians failed us again with yet another rushed vote without anyone of them reading the fine print.

This vote was supposed to be about re-opening the government and avoiding going over the financial cliff, Right?

Then why is there a $3 BILLION DOLLAR DAMN PROJECT snuck in there for Kentucky? GOP Senator McConnell’s state. Isn’t that interesting?

Now we will have to worry about the budget negotiations just before Christmas, and another possible government shutdown after Christmas. And the day after Valentine’s Day we will be back to “square one” with the debt ceiling.

Not one single item in the deal was about reducing spending. Not one.

I understand how disappointing it is that the GOP truly caved on any negotiation. As true Constitutionalists and Conservatives, we now know who voted to exclude themselves from the Exchanges. We know.

Fax every Member of Congress and tell them WE MUST STOP SPENDING. Deliberations over the next 60 days must include cuts in spending!

Many good-sounding Republicans have talked against Obamacare; but in the end, they, too, voted FOR Obamacare.  These supposed conservatives:  Mitch McConnell, Eric Cantor, John Cornyn, Kevin McCarthy---and more, gave up with nothing in return! The establishment Senate GOP voted to stay out of the Exchanges they force on us. They voted for their internal power. They did not vote for you or me.

The Senate GOP said they would give up before the fight – “We have no chance.” If you don’t go to the fight – you certainly can’t win.

When we couldn’t get Obamacare repealed, we tried to delay the Exchanges for you and me but, the president didn’t see why you should have any exemptions!

Regardless of what happened a few minutes before midnight on Wednesday night, we must continue the fight.

Our hats off to U.S. Senator Ted Cruz and U.S. Senator Mike Lee who led the charge against the biggest and costly piece of legislation since World War Two!  Just like Senator Cruz called for on the U.S. Senate floor Wednesday evening, I, too, can dream of a society that does not embrace socialized medicine.  I can think of a country where our children and grand-children will NOT be saddled with horrendous debt.  I can envision a country where our healthcare payments are NOT doubled!

We must never give up.  We must never lose sight of the goal.  We must oppose Obamacare with every fiber of our being.

In spite of the vote and the lies from the media, THE MAJORITY OF AMERICANS are still very much against Obamacare! They still want Obamacare repealed!

The lame-stream media isn’t telling you the truth – the Constitutional Congressmen WON this battle and we must stand with them on the WAR on SPENDING!

Stand with Conservatives and together we can hope, and work, for a free future.

We, the PEOPLE of America, NOT elitists or the Washington establishment, will have the final say-so in the next 2-3 months. 


Let Congress know where we stand: Kicking the can is not acceptable. Kicking the can down the road for 50 years has been so COSTLY to you and me! 

And now, the GOP act like Democrats! They would roll out a slower economic death!

Hardworking Americans, just like you, have a RIGHT to a say in our country’s fiscal future!

We can’t afford the ENTITLEMENT PROGRAMS we have now. How in the world can we afford Obamacare?

Let your voice and your vote be heard by everyone in Washington, D.C.

Harry Reid and his cronies shut down the debate on Obamacare.  But, quite frankly, their actions have awakened a “sleeping giant” of American taxpayers who have had ENOUGH!

We are now energized more than ever! We will not be bullied by the Establishment in Washington, D.C.!

My Friend, the battle has just begun.  RINO (Republicans in name only) have been exposed by their vote on Wednesday night! 

And REFUSING TO NEGOTIATE will come back to bite the president.

We must continue forward to the ultimate victory!  Many of these lukewarm Republicans are on the 2014 ballot.  They will reap what they sow!

We stand up for those Individual Republicans who support the Constitution and who are against Obamacare. We will no longer support the Establishment Republicans who turned their back on those who fought against Obamacare.  We know their names.  We know how they voted and we are going after them in the upcoming elections. 

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No more “party apparatus,” but a grassroots movement.  That is YOU! We can’t give one single penny to the GOP! Not one penny if they continue this behavior.

The WAR on SPENDING is just beginning.  Tell Congress to slow down on all the costly reforms and do whatever they can to cut back Obamacare.  That is the WILL OF THE PEOPLE!!

YOU and I MUST have the final word on our budget, our country’s finances, and Obamacare.

Please keep up the fight.  Fax every Member of Congress and tell them they must stop the spending and cut back on Obamacare!

Your word and your vote still do matter!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily