We live in an era when the leader of the free world is lying to the American people and it is deemed as OK, by some.  A number of Americans even feel that it is not just OK, but they believe that Obama is doing a great job!  How can anyone accept Obama's as presidential?

Barrack Obama and his domestic policies have failed.  We are sitting with a U6 (those that are counted as unemployed by the State Department and those that are not because they gave up looking for work) of 14.6%.  The "uncounted" number of people, not tabulated as unemployed by Obama's cronies, but part of the U6 figure stands at 7,000,000 up from 1,000,000 in 2007!

Aparna Mathur, an economist at the American Enterprise Institute, says that the number of  Americans officially labeled out of work in the category of the long-term unemployed, “... is huge, we’ve never seen those kinds of numbers in any recession”.  Normally the difference between the "official" unemployment rate and the U6 is fairly low, about two percent.

Wait, the economy is getting better, isn't it?  Obamanomics is working, right?  Clearly not.  Yes, thankfully we are adding some private sector jobs, no thanks to the Obama administration's policies, but unemployment is not truly falling.  According to Mathur, “The tremendous difference in this recession has been the long-term unemployed. The labor market hasn’t really recovered at all."

Despite the reduction in the published March unemployment from 8.3% to 8.2% analysts believe the drop is directly tied to Americans who have given up looking for work and are no longer counted in the official unemployment figures.

We the People cannot sit idly by and be hoodwinked by the mainstream media.  We need private sector job growth.  We need the XL pipeline.  We need drilling on federal land and off-shore.  We need to ease regulations and taxes on corporations in order to bring jobs back to the US.  We need to stop paying off political contributors with government backed loans to failing businesses (Solyndra, Beacon Power, EnerDel, ...).  We need a new direction.  Change, Obama's change anyway, has failed.  It is time for a truly new direction, the direction pioneered by the founding fathers.  We need a United States that is FREE to promote commerce.