Now is the time to let every single Member of Congress know that we are serious about repealing Obamacare, and they need to get on board with the wishes of American citizens. Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) recently offered an amendment that would have prevented taxpayer-funded medical care for illegal immigrants—and it was defeated, 43 to 56.

Every Democrat in the Senate voted to provide healthcare to illegals, and so did Republicans Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska. Sessions said after the vote that allowing illegals to enjoy healthcare benefits “will dramatically accelerate the insolvency of our entitlement programs and is unfair to American workers and taxpayers.”

Fax Congress Now!

Some of the other horrible things Obamacare is bringing us include:

  • Shortage of Doctors: A survey from Deloitte Center for Health Solutions found that 6 in 10 physicians (62%) say it is likely many of them will retire earlier than planned in the next 1 to 3 years, a statistic that is consistent across age, gender and specialty;

  • Over 20 New Taxes, many of which just went into effect in January;

  • Higher Premiums;

  • Higher Medical Expenses for you and your pets due to a 2.3 percent federal excise tax on health technologies that will affect things like IV pumps, scalpels and anesthesia equipment—any devices that can be used both on people and animals;

  • Reduced Access to Insurance, because employers are ending coverage and/or dumping spouses from plans;

  • Loss of Income due to job loss or reduced hours;

  • Government Intrusion into our personal matters, including giving bureaucrats the ability to make medical choices for us

What is good about this law?

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Many Republicans are giving lip service to how bad Obamacare is, but they are doing nothing to get rid of it. They let us down when they voted for the Continuing Resolution that essentially gave a green light to funding. And as usual, Republicans are kicking the can down the road and saying they will wait until the next debt ceiling fight to work on defunding it. (As if we believe they will put up a fight during debt ceiling battles, which so far Boehner has refused to do).

There will only be one tough argument to make: Members of Congress are going to have to answer to the American people at the polls in 2014 and 2016 about why they supported Obamacare. As light continues to shine on how terrible this legislation is and how bankrupt it is going to make all of us, we are going to need answers from those who refuse to do the right thing.

Congress is in complete control right now of whether or not Obamacare is ever fully implemented. Do not allow them to pass the buck; tell them to take action now before it is too late! Fax them now and tell them to defund Obamacare!

Fax Congress Now!

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Tony Adkins

Conservative Daily