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While all eyes are on Russia’s obvious violation of Ukrainian sovereignty, the Obama administration still remains hard at work illegally changing the unAffordable Care Act without going through Congress. In what will surely surprise no one, Barack Hussein Obama is altering the law once again so he can give away more taxpayer money to his supporters.

You see, one part of the Obamacare law reads that federal subsidies and financial assistance shall be made available to people who purchase health plans on an exchange “established by the state,” as opposed to the federally-managed

This is an important distinction to make. The law reads that if you purchase health insurance through a state-established health insurance exchange, you may be eligible for a private health insurance subsidy. The law clearly delineates the difference between the federal-established healthcare exchange and those exchanges operated at the state level.

Now, the Obama administration has decided to change the law AGAIN. Even though the language of the law clearly states that private health insurance subsidies will only be handed out to individuals purchasing plans through exchanges “established by the state,” King Obama has decided to give Obamacare subsidies to everyone!

Force Congress to STOP King Obama from just rewriting Obamacare. The only change the American people want is a full REPEAL!

A total of 270 Democrats (in both chambers) voted for this train-wreck piece of legislation and Barack Obama signed the bill after allegedly “reading” it. They all approved the language in the bill that restricted subsidies to just those purchasing insurance through state-established exchanges.

Now, with Obamacare falling under its own weight, the Obama administration has decided to change this portion of the law (something it cannot do) and give out subsidies to people who didn’t even purchase insurance through ANY government exchange!

This provision, however fiscally irresponsible it is, was designed to reward visitors who shopped through the state exchanges. This was supposed to be a way to drive traffic to the lesser-known state healthcare exchanges to keep them from going belly up.

Many of the state exchanges have been complete failures. The Oregon State Health Insurance Exchange certainly takes the cake in this regard. Not one person has successfully signed up through the Oregon Exchange. Yes, you read that right. After five whole months, the Oregon Obamacare Exchange website hasn’t been able to sign up anyone!

The Maryland Exchange is so dysfunctional that the state is scrapping a large portion of it and starting over with the website design, costing taxpayers $30 Million.  All in all, 14 out of the 16 states who operate their own exchanges have faced serious problems trying to implement their own Obamacare websites.

So, instead of allowing the law to fail, the Obama administration is once again unilaterally changing the law. If you live in one of these dysfunctional states that couldn’t figure out how to put together a website, the Obama administration will be giving out subsidies to EVERYONE who signs up for health insurance, regardless of where it was purchased from.

Force Congress to STOP King Obama from just rewriting Obamacare. The only change the American people want is a full REPEAL!

The law says that the Federal government will give out subsidies to health plans bought through exchanges “established by the state.” Barack Hussein Obama has refused to follow the law (what a surprise…) and decided to extend subsidies to individuals purchasing health insurance from the Federal exchange and through the private market.

This is unlawful, unconstitutional, and unacceptable!

A few Republican Congressmen and Senators have actually taken it upon themselves to support a lawsuit against the Obama administration over this change to the law. The GOP Leaders argue that the President’s disregard for the law’s text shows an indifference towards the delicate bargaining that went into whipping up the votes to get the bill passed. “To judicially amend that provision now would change the terms of the deal, striking a new bargain that Congress did not and could not have struck,” the brief reads.

In the case, Halbig v. Sebelius, Judge Paul L. Friedman ruled in favor of the Administration. While the text clearly states that only state exchanges can be subsidized, Judge Friedman concludes that the context shows that Congress intended to extend subsidies to Federal exchanges as well.

Editor’s Note: In case the name sounds familiar, this is the same Judge Paul L. Friedman who decided it was a great idea to let John Hinckley, Jr. – Ronald Reagan’s attempted assassin – out of the mental hospital on good behavior!

The fact remains that the law is the law. Barack Obama called Obamacare the “law of the land” and chastised Republicans for trying to change the law legislatively. Now, he is taking his red pen and changing the law as he sees fit. He must be stopped!

Force Congress to STOP King Obama from just rewriting Obamacare. The only change the American people want is a full REPEAL!

How does Barack Obama have the authority to give Obamacare subsidies to people who didn’t purchase health insurance through Obamacare? He doesn’t have the power or the authority to do this!

With another stroke of the pen, Barack Obama has turned Obamacare subsidies into another entitlement program! How else can you describe his attempt to extend federal subsidies to all health insurance purchasers?

Some analysts have estimated that the cost of the federal subsidies will skyrocket from $458 Billion to $1.2 TRILLION over just the first six years thanks to Obama’s previous extensions to the subsidy program. With these new extensions, who knows how much Obama’s damage control will cost taxpayers!

Barack Obama is proposing a $1.2+ Trillion entitlement program that he does not have the authority to create, and what is Congress doing?


Congress is just sitting by and allowing for the President to rewrite the law and give away your tax dollars!

Congress must hold the President accountable and stop Obama from continuing to rewrite the law! This is getting out of control.

Force Congress to STOP King Obama from just rewriting Obamacare. The only change the American people want is a full REPEAL!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily