Dear Conservative,

We all know that the affordable care act is fundamentally and fatally flawed.

First of all, there is no way to introduce so many people with pre-existing conditions into the insurance pools and still expect prices to decrease. Health insurance is, as the name implies, a type of insurance. Enrollees pay monthly premiums in order to protect themselves in case some health issues arise. When they do require medical care, enrollees are charged a deductible to ensure that they don't abuse the system.

The general theory behind this is that everyone in the insurance pool will (hopefully) not need healthcare at the same exact time. That way, young and healthy enrollees are able to subsidize the healthcare of those in the program that currently need it. Health insurance, as a concept, cannot work if everyone in the program is sick at the same time. This is why the Obama administration has been trying so hard to get Hollywood celebrities endorse the President's healthcare law. Without an influx of younger and healthier Americans willing to overpay for health insurance they don't currently need, there is no way to keep health insurance premiums and deductibles low.

Soon the dust will settle and we will learn the total Obamacare enrollment numbers. We will learn that while the Affordable Care Act was able to provide "affordable" health insurance to sick individuals with pre-existing conditions, the plans' high price-tags scared away all the young and healthy Americans necessary to keep everyone's healthcare costs relatively low. Then, these already-expensive plans will become even more expensive, costing families thousands of dollars more every year.

Tell Congress that the UNAffordable Care Act will bankrupt us and must be repealed now!

Now if this is all we had to worry about, we would be much better off. As we are slowly learning, however, the Affordable Care Act's authors, having recognized the program as unsustainable, included a number of taxes to offset the staggering costs. And these taxes levied on American families are absolutely devastating.

Thanks to Obamacare, a new 3.8% capital gains tax will be levied on all households making over $250k/year and all individuals making over $200k/year. It is estimated that a little more than 3% of Americans already fall into this tax bracket.

Now at face value, this added tax will affect a small percentage of Americans. However these are the small business owners who drive this economy and employ over 55% of the American workforce. An additional 3.8% tax means 3.8% less for these small business owners to use to expand their business and put more Americans to work.

Now you might not make over $250k/year, but how much is your house worth? That's right, Obamacare will tax some home sales.

Currently, the tax code exempts the majority of homes from being subject to capital gains taxes when sold. For couples, primary homes sold for less than $500k are covered, while individual home owners are only exempt up to $200k.

What this means is that if you sell your primary home, and it sells for less than these amounts, you will not be forced to pay capital gains taxes on that income. But if the home sale surpasses this $200k/$500k threshold, the difference is considered taxable income. While this income bracket is already punished with outrageous taxes, the Affordable Care Act adds an additional 3.8% Medicare tax to this income.

Again, you might not think that this new tax applies to you. But an estimated 14.3 million homes -- roughly one out of eight of all American households -- are valued at over $500k.

Tell Congress that the unAffordable Care Act is bankrupting us and must be repealed now!

Then-Senator Obama promised on the campaign trail in 2008 that he would not raise taxes on anyone making less than $250k/year. He repeated this promise again in 2012. Either he failed to read the Affordable Care Act before signing it, or he once again lied to the American people! That's because Obamacare levies a total of 20 new taxes on hard-working American families!

By forcing businesses to provide health insurance to all full time employees, Obamacare is simply passing this cost on to the consumer, causing the price of everything to increase. Companies looking to avoid paying this "tax" have reduced employees' hours and turned salaried workers into hired contractors to skirt the law. Is this really what the country needs?

President Obama has claimed that the purpose of the Affordable Care Act was to get every American insured. However the law actually punishes families who have health insurance plans deemed by the Administration to be "too good." Thanks to Obamacare, families who have these "Cadillac" plans will be forced to pay a 40% excise tax on their health insurance. If you like your comprehensive healthcare plan, you can keep it... But Obama will force you to pay 40% more!

By now, you have probably heard about the Medical Device Tax of 2.3% levied on life-saving medical devices like pacemakers and stents. This tax will also be applied to common medical devices found in doctors’ offices and hospitals, such as ultrasounds, which will make medical care more expensive for everyone. But that is just the tip of the Obamacare iceberg!

Thanks to Obamacare, a 2% tax will also be levied on all new health insurance plans. That is in addition to the 3.5% fee charged to all health insurance plans sold on On top of that, there is also a $2 tax added to every policy that is used to fund medical research. Thanks to just these three taxes, Obamacare makes approved health insurance plans 5.5% more expensive than they should be. But these three taxes represent just a drop in the bucket!

For the millions of Americans already struggling to make ends meet, this is a death sentence. For those who couldn't afford health insurance before Obamacare, they certainly can't afford it now that premiums have risen, on average, by 41%!

For those of us who had health insurance that we liked, only to have our plans cancelled, how can Congress just expect us to pay even more for inferior coverage?

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The sad truth is that while I listed seven or eight taxes imposed by Obamacare, there are countless others that are directed at insurance companies and you, the consumer. All in all, there are 20 explicit taxes built into the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, but the most taxing effect of all will be when this fundamentally and fatally flawed legislation drags the entire economy down with it.

Public hatred towards Obamacare has never been more profound. All across the country, families are receiving cancellation letters and being told to pay more money for an inferior healthcare plan.

This isn't happening by accident. This is this by design.

Obamacare was deliberately designed to redistribute the wealth from those who can afford health insurance to those who can't. The fines and taxes are directed towards us because we have income to seize. The law is not designed to tax the recipients of this wealth redistribution because they do not have anything the government wants.

The Boston Tea Party, arguably a tipping point leading up to the American Revolution, was kick-started by the Tea Act of 1773. Do you know how much that “horrible” tax was? It was a 2% increase... on British tea. Next time you look in your kitchen pantry, ask yourself if there is a single thing in it that you would go to war over. I didn’t think so…

We are now watching as this horrendous healthcare law is poised to obliterate the US economy. Thanks to this Democrat legislation, we are being kicked off of our insurance and forced to pay, on average, 41% more for a lesser product.

The colonists rioted over a 2% tax on tea. A tax on their beverage of choice was enough to spark civil disobedience and ultimately a revolution. I'm not asking you to take up arms and march on Washington. All I am asking is that you let your voice be heard through the halls of Congress. Our forefathers gave us this right, and yet far too few of us are actively letting our voices be heard!

Join me in telling Congress that the American people cannot afford these new burdensome Obamacare taxes! Be the patriots of this generation! Stand up against these burdensome taxes and let every Member of Congress hear you!

Tell Congress that the unAffordable Care Act is bankrupting us and must be repealed now!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily