Dear Conservative,

The IRS accidently just misplaced $67 MILLION DOLLARS.

 – TAXPAYER DOLLARS, that is! 

A report issued at the end of September from the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) reveals that the IRS cannot be trusted!

When Obamacare was adopted back in 2010, it happened to include a little provision to establish a $1 billion Health Insurance Reform Implementation Fund (HIRIF) “to pay for the Federal administrative expenses to carry out the ACA.”

To date, the IRS has been allocated $488 million from the HIRIF to help the agency prepare for the “law’s numerous tax provisions.”

An audit was performed to determine whether the IRS had used the funds appropriately to create an “adequate process to accurately account for and report selected ACA implementation costs charged to the HIRIF.”

Now, after attacking taxpaying Americans that disagree with President Obama, the IRS is unable to account for $67 MILLION that was supposed to be in a slush fund to pay for Obamacare.

It’s all GONE! SPENT!

And Obamacare hasn’t even started.

Obamacare adds dozens of new taxes, it invades your privacy, and worse: It puts your personal and private information out on a hacker’s dream cloud.

Tell Congress this is about fairness for the American people. DELAY, REPEAL, REPLACE!

How did the IRS not track all the costs associated with implementing Obamacare, including costs not charged to the HIRIF? Oh, the irony.

The IRS has told the Inspector General that it will “comply with the recommendations made in the report…” The slush fund has been fully spent.  How will they comply?  Tax more?

The IRS could not account for nor attempt to quantify approximately $67 million of indirect Obamacare costs incurred for Fiscal Years 2010 through 2012. 

Even if it doesn’t get started, it has cost us TAXPAYERS TOO MUCH already.

No one could account for the money, where it was or how it was spentother than some really nice employee offices and new technology!

No one seems too worried at the IRS over this…the IRS simply agreed it was time to move on and just make sure it never happens again! Sound like another scandal from this administration and OBAMA’s WHITE HOUSE? 

Help us keep up the pressure TELL THEM TO STOP PLAYING POLITICS WITH OUR LIVES. If the American people do not get an exemption because the law didn’t include it – then no one gets exemptions, as the law was written. 

I guess this is what hope and change is all about.  You hope things will change for the better next time around. 

It wasn’t hard to see it was coming… Who could forget the IRS and the Lying Lois Lerner.

What will this White House try to use to distract us now?

This White House and this President are completely incompetent and corrupt. $67 million, TAXPAYER MONEY gone.

This report was released just two weeks before the launch of the Obamacare Exchanges, and yet not much news about it in the media, at least that I can see. 

We can’t trust the lame-stream media to do their jobs and report that Obamacare investments are already in ruins.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the grand opening for Obamacare.


This money was supposed to help the IRS implement Obamacare’s some 50 tax provisions. We, the People understand our Constitution and our moral FREE MARKETS.

Continue to tell Congress that you know that Obamacare will not work, the website doesn’t work, the process doesn’t work and the government take-over of healthcare, will not work!

The IRS managed to mishandle $67 million during implementation. What should we expect next?

The IRS is going to be responsible for overseeing the new Obamacare TAX REGULATIONS that affect every American citizen!

The IRS has already been found to target charity organizations and making their lives miserable because of their political views. Now these very same IRS officials are the same agents that will be enforcing OBAMACARE -- in charge of taxes, fines, audits, home visits…


Tell Congress to do what is right for us and not what they think is right for them.

Think about it. This IRS agency isn’t worried about the missing $67 million because they have a president in their corner! 

You and I, we know that this is just pocket-change compared to how much their man-made disaster will cost all of us in the long run.

What will Obamacare cost this county?

Who in the world assumed the IRS was more capable than you to supervise your family’s healthcare?! Your family's healthcare should not be in the hands of some, un-named, government bureaucrat.

It is shameful to see the backroom deals exempting Congress and their staffers from Obamacare, while they enforce it on us!   It is not fair that Congress is exempted and yet they are insisting on imposing it on all American people. 

The last thing our country needs is another major economic uncertainly with too much risk and un-predictability! 

Now we find out that the IRS accidently misplaced $67 MILLION DOLLARS. The IRS cannot be trusted!

Thank you for your persistence because it does matter. We are winning and finding those in congress that will have to go as soon as possible! We will be on top of the votes. Fax Congress today, we must continue to fight.


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily