Dear American Taxpayer,

Congress couldn’t reach an agreement on the budget so the government shut down! Surprise, surprise…your Congress is NOT working for you!

Democrats and Obama are giving lofty speeches about how they only want what is best for “the American people” and those poor federal workers who are out of work during this time.

You should have thought of this a little sooner!

LISTEN UP, CONGRESS:  We, the People, are well aware you cannot get your act together. While we certainly don’t want to see anyone out of a job thanks to your inability to govern properly, what about all of US who have to live with your ridiculous regulations every single day? What about all the people out of work now, or working part-time, because you passed Obamacare? What about the economy, which has been in dire condition now for NEARLY FIVE YEARS, because you and President Obama haven’t bothered to pass a budget or focus on jobs?

Maybe being freed from the chains of big government is a good thing. I know most of us are wondering, sarcastically, how will I ever go about my day to day business if all “non-essential” government personnel aren’t busy in Washington working for ME?

Tell Congress to stop the political games and get down to business. WE DO NOT WANT THE DEBT CEILING TO BE RAISED without a clear plan to reduce government spending! NO MORE EMPTY PROMISES.

Everyone wants to have their cake and eat it, too, but those of us who are responsible American citizens would not survive one day if we ran our household finances like the federal government runs theirs.

The President is happy to talk to Russia and Iran but he won’t negotiate with Congress. Democrats want to blame everybody but themselves, when they have had a majority Senate over the last four years and could very well have passed a budget…but they didn’t.

The House told the Senate they’d like to come to the table and talk. Harry Reid said, “No thanks.”

And then the Democrats have the nerve to act all indignant about how the Republicans don’t want to get along with them. Meanwhile, the American people are up to their necks in debt of their own and quite sick of these political games.

When George W. Bush was President, Senator Obama said raising the debt ceiling was “unpatriotic” and “a sign of leadership failure.”

OH REALLY, MR. PRESIDENT? Partisan politics much?

Now, that same man refuses to negotiate with Republicans and is pouting at 1600 Pennsylvania over the impasse.

Obama can’t stand it when he doesn’t get his way. He hates Congress. All we need to do is put a crown on his head and hand him a scepter, because he’s been ready to rule on his own since January, 2009.


Tell them to own up to their failures and get responsible with our tax dollars! Enough is enough…don’t keep raising the debt ceiling without taking a serious look at reducing government spending!

YOUR SHARE of the government’s debt is $52,869.55. But don’t blink, because that number continues to grow, quickly.

But chew on this: The median household income in the United States is $51,371. So, HALF of the people in this country make less than their share of the national debt! It also means that you and I can work the entire year, or close to it, and only then will we be able to say that our hard work was paying off to our families and not to the out of control federal government.

Are you sick of Congress yet? We are!

What are they even doing there if they can’t manage a budget?

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It was not right for Republicans to wait until the last minute to fight Obama and the Democrats on Obamacare. They have had other opportunities in the past, and they squandered them. HOWEVER, Obamacare is a nightmare and they had to do something to stand their ground. The Continuing Resolution fight was the best they had at the moment.

As far as Obamacare goes, this debt ceiling fight simply makes our point. THE GOVERNMENT CANNOT RUN ANYTHING PROPERLY. We don’t want them educating our kids, we don’t want them messing with our thermostats, we don’t want them strangling our businesses, and we certainly can’t trust them running our healthcare!

Case in point: the first day of Obamacare, simply from an administrative standpoint, was a technical disaster.

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius pleaded for patience and likened the federal government to a private enterprise: “No one is calling on Apple to not sell devices for a year or to get out of the business because the whole thing is a failure,” she said. “Everyone just assumes there’s a problem, they’ll fix it, let’s move on. . . . Hopefully, they’ll give us the same slack as they give Apple.”

Ms. Sebelius, Apple produces ELECTRONIC PRODUCTS. You and your Democrat allies are in charge of very personal life and death medical issues now that you have put yourself in that position.

And, you can’t get a website right?

Heads in the sand all around: Obama is giving speeches saying there is “no wide-spread evidence” Obamacare is costing Americans jobs.


The message is clear:  Washington thinks you are stupid. They think you aren’t paying attention. And they think they’ve beaten us down enough that we don’t think we can do anything it, anyway? Well, here is your chance to let them know you are not beaten. Send them thousands of faxes and wake them up. Tell them what you are going to do about it:  you are going to expect them to govern responsibly and if they cannot do that, or if they refuse to, they can pack up their D.C. offices and head back to the districts from which they came.

Fax Congress and tell them to perform their basic duties and govern responsibly! We cannot allow them to do nothing while America slips into bankruptcy and they destroy our fiscal future and the future of our children! Tell them we don’t want them to raise the debt ceiling without a plan to rein in their out of control spending!


If your house was on fire, you wouldn’t wait until the last minute and in small buckets of water, one by one, hoping eventually the flames would stop. Congress wants to fight our debt crisis piecemeal-style, because they don’t want to be held responsible for cutting spending.

Congress needs to put out our debt fire!

Americans are big boys and girls. Special interests may not like it, but we know deep down that something, somewhere, has to be cut if we want to get out of debt. Fewer and fewer people are paying more and more taxes. IT HAS TO STOP SOMEWHERE, AND SOMEBODY IN CONGRESS HAS TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR IT.

America deserves better.

Come on, Congress:  Grow a spine, pass a budget, and make the tough decisions. Don’t continue to kick the can down the road in hopes that you can keep getting elected and never have to answer for your inaction. Get a handle on our nation’s finances, come to the table, and act like big boys and girls!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily