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For the last four years, President Obama and Congressional Democrats have been telling us that Americans need more welfare.  They tell us that our economic system is not progressive enough and that more Americans deserve to be on public assistance.  They want to spend your hard earned tax dollars on a recipient class who refuse to be productive citizens and instead leach off a system that was put in place to act as a temporary safety net, not a permanent residence. 

Last week, the New York Post broke a story detailing how welfare and food stamp recipients in New York City were using money received from government assistance programs to pay for adult entertainment such as strip clubs, bars, and liquor stores. 

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That’s right; every lap dance and bottle of liquor they purchased was financed directly by YOUR hard work and tax dollars. 

Wondering how the recipient class games the system and uses your income to pay for their vice?  It is easy: the government gives people that qualify for public assistance plans an ATM card that is tied to an account with the distributed welfare funds.  Unfortunately, there isn’t a system in place to make sure that the money is spent on legislatively prescribed items.  This truly is free money for those that seek to steal from working Americans. 

The New York Post investigated the problem between July 2011 and July 2012.  During that time, cash withdrawals of welfare funds were used in strip clubs, adult video stores, liquor stores, bars, and convenience stores.  It seems that recipients were more likely to buy a 12 pack of beer rather than a 12 pack of diapers. 

Click HERE to demand that Congress dramatically cut welfare entitlement

Make no mistake: THIS IS YOUR MONEY.  The lazy and self-centered lifestyle of the recipient class destroys the hope for a higher standard of living that hardworking Americans SHOULD be enjoying.  Instead, our economy is tied to the sinking stone of progressive Socialism.  Americans who earn a paycheck have less to spend on themselves and our economy takes a hit because there are fewer productive members of the workforce adding to our national economy. 

The problem is only getting worse. The number of food stamp users in the United States is now at an all time high.  Shattering records left and right, the total number of individual food stamp users in the US is up to 47.1 million!  Furthermore, a record 22.685 million households are also dependent on food stamps. 

But that isn’t even the worst of it.  The USDA report states that July saw the single largest monthly increase in food stamp subscriptions in HISTORY.   In that one month, nearly 500,000 Americans signed up for the Federal food stamp program. 

With all these new food stamp recipients, do you think the problem is going to get better or worse?  How much of your hard earned income are you going to allow President Obama and his liberal horde of Socialists to give away to fund Obama’s ego?   But it get’s worse!!

Since 2008 welfare costs have skyrocketed to over a TRILLION dollars!!!  That’s right, a 32% increase in under four years!  Fax Congress and tell them to cut the spending!

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Do you really think the American need for welfare went up 32% in four short years or is something else at play here?  Do you think the liberals and Obama are using welfare as an electoral tool to garner votes?  In a statement from Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) regarding the exponentially expanding welfare enrollment list seen over the last three years, Sessions stated that Obama’s Federal government "explicitly encouraged growth in welfare enrollment -- combined with a weakening of welfare standards and rules."  It seems that the tax dollars of the productive is being wasted and squandered by able-bodied men and women who take a government welfare check in exchange for a liberal vote come Election Day. 

Click HERE to demand that Congress dramatically cut welfare entitlement

It is clear that President Obama is using welfare to politically enslave those members of society who would rather be lazy rather than give a hard days work for an honest wage.  As stated earlier, since Obama took office we have seen welfare enrollment explode; it is now estimated that one in every five people are on welfare in this country.  One in every five!!

In a time of fiscal crisis and economic emergency President Obama decided he needed to “encourage” welfare growth in the US?  Do you think we can afford to keep paying healthy men and women not to work?   Where is the solution in that plan?  We will pay more money, dig ourselves deeper in debt, and we will not produce a single good or service that will increase the GDP; that’s not a plan, it’s a suicide note. 

It is time that we tell Congress to end all the free lunches.  We must demand real cuts to the budget that will have a positive affect on our economy. There is no economic reason that 1/5th the American population should need government assistance.  Fax Congress and stop this insanity, today.

Click HERE to demand that Congress dramatically cut welfare entitlement


Tony Adkins