Dear Conservative,

Since the (partial) government shutdown last week, we have seen how nasty, political and desperate Obama and his administration really are.

You and I already knew that. But, what this week has done is shown the rest of the American public—even those who fully supported Obama—what he and his outlaws are really all about:


And, we have had enough of it.

Our faxes are working, and all of Congress is feeling our anger. Please help us bombard their offices with faxes, demanding they stop the political games and get down to serious fiscal business. WE DO NOT WANT THE DEBT CEILING TO BE RAISED without a clear plan to reduce government spending!

We have described the shutdown as “partial,” because clearly, the Obama administration has seen fit to keep open what they want to keep open, and they’ve closed what they believe will have the most impact on the average American.

An exasperated park ranger in Washington told the press, “We’ve been told to make life as difficult for people as we can. It’s disgusting.”

GET ANGRY: America’s BRAVE veterans were turned away from D.C., but the Park Service miraculously found approval for AN ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT AMNESTY MARCH on the National Mall.

Veterans are being turned away from OPEN memorial spaces in D.C.—and in fact, the government had to actually SPEND MONEY in order to erect barricades and post extra “security” at these locations …but Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” website is still up.

The nationwide Amber Alert website that helps locate kidnapped children is offline … but Obama’s favorite golf course is open for business.

The corrupt IRS has plenty of staff on hand to continue to conduct audits and collect money—but can’t seem to find the personnel necessary to process refunds to deserving citizens. The White House has also conveniently mentioned that Social Security payments are in jeopardy.

He even tried to shut down the ocean. THE OCEAN.


Obama is in perpetual campaign mode and if you believe for one second that he cares AT ALL about Americans … poor, wealthy or especially the middle class … then you aren’t paying attention. When George W. Bush was President, Senator Obama said raising the debt ceiling was “unpatriotic” and “a sign of leadership failure.”

Now, he’s singing a different tune. That same man refuses to negotiate with Republicans and is pouting at 1600 Pennsylvania over the impasse.

And of course in the process, he’s throwing Americans under the bus.

He doesn’t care. He is like a sulking child on the playground trying to get his way.

The President is happy to talk to Russia and Iran but he won’t negotiate with Congress. Democrats want to blame everybody but themselves, when they have had a majority Senate over the last four years and could very well have passed a budget…but they didn’t. Fax Congress and tell them to do their jobs or pack their bags and leave.

We are wearing them down. The Democrats are losing this fight in the court of public opinion because THEY SHOULD, and because it is becoming increasingly clear to everyone that Obama is a massive failure when it comes to being a leader.


Leonard Downie, former executive editor of The Washington Post, calls the Obama administration the “most closed, control-freak administration I’ve ever covered.”  The Breitbart website describes Downie’s piece as “extraordinary in how it paints Obama as a paranoid, secretive, even vindictive president not to mention that it reveals that journalists have become afraid of their own shadows for fear that Obama is spying on them.”

Surprise, surprise…your Congress is NOT working for you … and neither is the great hope and change, Mr. Barack Obama!

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It is time for a complete Washington clean-out. The American people are up to their necks in debt of their own and quite sick of these political games.

The House told the Senate they’d like to come to the table and talk. Obama refuses to negotiate. Harry Reid also said, “No thanks.” The Democrats don’t want to talk, they don’t want to debate; they don’t want to solve anything. They simply want to continue to divide, divide, and divide.


Recent polls are showing that despite the lame-stream media blame, the public is about evenly divided on just who is responsible for the shutdown. The numbers are going to get worse for the Democrats as Obama continues to manipulate what’s open and what’s not.

Obama, our supposed “leader,” is never going to urge unity. He hates Congress. All we need to do is put a crown on his head and hand him a scepter, because he’s been ready to rule on his own since January, 2009—and he has been quite vocal in telling us that.

Tell Congress to own up to their failures and get responsible with our tax dollars! Enough is enough…don’t keep raising the debt ceiling without taking a serious look at reducing government spending!

The fight over Obamacare started this shutdown fight and the whole mess makes our point: THE GOVERNMENT CANNOT RUN ANYTHING PROPERLY. We don’t want them educating our kids, we don’t want them messing with our thermostats, we don’t want them strangling our businesses, and we certainly don’t want them running our healthcare!

Here is your chance to help continue the fight against Washington games. They think you aren’t paying attention. They think you get your news from MSNBC, Media Matters and Jon Stewart’s Daily Show. They think you’re willing to go along with the liberal line that this is all the fault of the Republicans.

Simply having conversations with your friends won’t do any good (unless of course, you send them this message and urge them too, to get involved). You must put thousands of faxes on the desks of every single representative so they know you expect them to govern responsibly and if they cannot do that, or if they refuse to, they can pack up their D.C. offices and head back to the districts from which they came.

Congress needs to put out our debt fire!

Americans are big boys and girls. Special interests may not like it, but we know deep down that something, somewhere, has to be cut if we want to get out of debt. Fewer and fewer people are paying more and more taxes. IT HAS TO STOP SOMEWHERE, AND SOMEBODY IN CONGRESS HAS TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR IT.

America deserves better than a weak Congress, a manipulative and vindictive president, and a complete economic meltdown.

Fax Congress and tell them to perform their basic duties and govern responsibly! We cannot allow them to do nothing while America slips into bankruptcy and they destroy our fiscal future and the future of our children! Tell them we don’t want them to raise the debt ceiling without a plan to rein in their out of control spending!


Joe Otto