Dear Conservative,

The saying goes that each of the 50 States are “Laboratories of Democracy.” This adage comes from former-Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis who suggested that the States could try out “novel social and economic experiments” without endangering the rest of the country.

Unfortunately, we have reached a point where Liberal States have become Laboratories of Socialism, and these failed liberal policies are routinely thrust on the American people.

While everyone was eyeing the gubernatorial races around the country, the “Laboratories” churned out a new product that threatens to destroy the U.S. economy if enacted at the Federal level.

Pundits are cheering Chris Christie’s reelection as a model for how to make Conservatism palatable for Independents and Democrats. But while the state reelected the Governor, just as many people voted in favor of a ballot measure to amend the constitution to raise the minimum wage and a tie it to the rate of inflation for yearly increases.

To summarize: NJ voters just killed small business (and many likely voted themselves out of a job).

Minimum wage workers in New Jersey will now receive a $1 pay-raise, and their pay will increase every year as the dollar becomes devalued. Unfortunately, many of them will lose their jobs because of this measure.

You might think this is just New Jersey’s problem. For now, it is.

But Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) and President Barack Obama have both publicly stated that raising the minimum wage to over $10/hour is one of their goals for the month of November.

Coincidentally, there is already legislation drafted, ready to raise the minimum wage, and Obama has made it no secret that he will sign it into law if it reaches his desk.

Tell Congress that the last thing our struggling economy needs is increasing the burden on Small Business!

‚ÄčAs you probably know, small businesses operate with a very small profit margin. Yet the Democrats have convinced their followers that small business owners are hording all of the profits. This is taken straight from the Socialists’ Playbook and is contributing to class warfare in this country. With all of the burdens placed on small business, whether it’s rising healthcare costs or minimum wage hikes, don’t be surprised when businesses start laying-off employees or closing shop all together.


Sen. Thomas Harkin (D-IA) has introduced the Fair Minimum Wage Act of 2013. If enacted, the minimum wage would climb to over $10/hour by 2015, and would be raised every year based on the Consumer Price Index. Basically, as goods become more expensive, the minimum wage will rise.

This gets particularly dangerous when you recognize that the Government is printing $85 Billion every month and dumping into the economy, drastically devaluing our currency in the process.

Apparently since things get more expensive due to cost of living increases, the minimum wage workers deserve to make more money. But as businesses are forced to pay employees more, the price will increase on the goods they sell. Then at the end of the year, the minimum wage increases again because… wait for it… the minimum wage made everything more expensive to begin with!

If the Fair Minimum Wage Act of 2013 becomes law, it will destroy the American small businesses that have been hanging on by a thread ever since Obama entered office.

Tell Congress that the Fair Minimum Wage Act will destroy Small Business!

The minimum wage was never meant to be a living wage. No one can afford to live on such a low wage. The minimum wage was designed for low-experience employees first entering the work force. If the Democrats had their way, every minimum wage worker would receive a golden watch when they retire!

There is nothing wrong with wanting to ease the burden on the working-poor among us. But raising the minimum wage accomplishes nothing when it also causes the price of EVERYTHING to increase as well. Only 2.9% of Americans work for the Federal minimum wage. Yet Democrats want to make everything more expensive for the other 97% of Americans! 

If the government really wanted to help American families, they would reduce federal tax burden. Not just on low-income families, but on EVERYONE! The government could easily reduce the already-low tax burden on minimum wage workers, but that would mean less tax revenue for the tax-and-spend politicians. A higher minimum wage means more income tax and payroll tax revenue for the gluttonous Federal Government.

President Obama and his colleagues on Capitol Hill have already made it public that they plan to put this legislation up for a vote during the month of November. Don’t wait for the news media to pick up on this. By that point, it will likely be too late! We need to make sure that this horrible legislation never even sees the light of day!

Fax Congress and tell them that raising the minimum wage in this fashion would be foolish and fiscally irresponsible!

There are many ways to increase take-home pay and ease the financial burdens that American families face. Unfortunately, the Democrats ignore the tax-cutting policies that have worked so well in the past. Instead, they choose time after time to redistribute the country’s wealth from the makers to the takers.

This wealth is not infinite. As you know, there is only so much wealth to redistribute. Even if the government took 100% of everyone’s income, that still wouldn’t even pay off Obama’s $17+ Trillion debt!

Now the Obama Democrats want to perform a social experiment and milk small business owners for all they’re worth, all in the attempt to increase entitlements and create more Democratic voters.

Stand up to Obama and Reid! Tell them to stop playing games with the U.S. economy!

Let your voice be heard! Tell Congress that raising the minimum wage in this fashion is unacceptable and fiscally insane!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily