President Obama has proven he will beg, borrow, steal and just plain ignore the law in order to secure reelection next month.

After all, if you’ve spent nearly four years tearing down the foundations of this country, what does another 30 days or so matter when it all comes down to it?

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As we’ve seen during the first presidential debate, Obama is not interested in being challenged on the facts of his presidency, because he knows that is a fight he cannot win; if the teleprompter isn’t there to give him the mainstream media talking points, he finds it difficult to make a compelling argument for another four years. But, Obama’s secret weapon is the office itself, which gives him plenty of opportunities to issue Executive Orders and rearrange the power of the government so it distracts voters from what he’s really about.

His latest actions involving the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act (The WARN Act) is just such a smoke and mirrors play. The WARN Act is a federal law requiring that most employers give 60 calendar days notice before they institute plant closings and mass layoffs. The point is to give workers some time to adapt to their upcoming unemployment by looking for another job, adjusting finances, or entering training for new skills. It’s the right thing to do…and, it’s the law.

But, that pesky law has a bad timing consequence for our sitting President. Sequestration rules under the Budget Control Act of 2011…which includes funding cuts signed by President Obama…are about to result in an estimated two million jobs being lost; but, layoffs right before an election would be politically toxic, and Obama wants to avoid angry, laid off workers who might tend to vote for Romney. So, he has therefore instructed his Office of Management and Budget to ignore the law and WAIT to send out notices.

Yes, you read that correctly; Obama has instructed them to ignore the law. He is hoping the complicit media will gloss over this news story—which for the most part, they have—and voters will be distracted by shiny, glossy items like Romney’s 47% “gaffe” and the Obama’s marital anniversary. Don’t let them beat you into submission; raise your voice and tell them you are paying attention!

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And he’s not only pretending the WARN Act doesn’t exist, he’s going one step further and practically bribing employers with your tax dollars if they go along with his request to keep layoffs on the down-low for a month! He is offering to cover any legal or employee compensation costs resulting from ignoring the 60-day advance warning—which of course will come from you and me.

All one has to do is look at Obama’s past to prove the special hypocrisy of his actions. In 2007, long before he was a failed one-term president desperately seeking reelection, Obama said, “For too long, employers have failed to notify workers that they’re about to lose their jobs due to mass layoffs or plant closings even though notice is required by the WARN Act. The least employers can do when they’re anticipating layoffs is to let workers know they’re going to be out of a job and a paycheck with enough time to plan for their future.”

In fact the Barack Obama of 2007 was not just arguing for the 60-day warning requirement; he was pushing for employers to give their employees 90 DAYS notice, instead, pushing what was known as the Forewarn Act.  My, how his opinions change.  The Barack Obama of late 2012 thinks it will be too much of a political nightmare to heed the WARN Act, and he is telling employers to keep quiet about the layoffs and, therefore, break the law.

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This President won’t take responsibility for anything and he certainly won’t make a peep that could damage his chances at another four years. But aside from it being illegal, and disregarding the extra money it will cost us to sort it all out after November 6th, there is another reason to be outraged at Obama’s actions: this could damage our national security.

Sequestration is going to affect many small businesses that supply and subcontract to our military industrial base. If these guys go out of business, or are unable to handle large military employers doing so, our military could suffer from the loss of training or equipment.

But Obama has proven time and again he has no affinity for the military, and he certainly isn’t counting on their vote. It probably doesn’t matter much to him how he gets reelected, just as long as he is given another four years in power to deconstruct the American system of government.

America needs a president who obeys the law. Obama is not above the law. Obama is not a dictator, though he is acting like one. The lengths to which this administration will go in order to retain power are frightening. What’s next?

Obama and Congress need to be reminded that laws are in place for a reason, and the American people expect leaders who abide by them. If this latest action outrages you, contact Congress right now and let them know you are paying attention!

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Tony Adkins

Conservative Daily