Fellow Conservative,

Absolutely shameful. John Boehner and the rest of the GOP House leadership are desperately trying to whip up the votes for the President’s Obamatrade legislation.

In case you missed it, this is the legislation that would give the Obama administration unlimited power to negotiate and write trade agreements with Asian nations.

The bill would give the President what is known as “fast track authority.” Congress would give up its right to amend or edit the trade agreement and would only have the power to vote yes or no on the final draft.

Here’s the problem: we have no idea what is written in the agreement. Not a clue. It is being kept under lock and key for only one reason. The powers-that-be don’t want you to see what’s in it.

With trade agreements, there are always winners and losers. Some people and corporations benefit from the framework while others suffer; it’s the nature of the beast. Yet, because Congressional Republicans haven’t bothered to read the trade agreement, they have no idea who the winners and losers are.

We can’t allow Boehner and the rest of the GOP to blindly give Obama this much power!

Don’t let the GOP pass Obama’s trade agenda without even reading it! Demand that it be made public!

According to Rep. Pete Sessions and the rest of the RINOs, they don’t need to review the agreement now. They are content with reviewing the agreement when it is submitted to Congress in its final form.

Here’s the problem: by giving Obama fast track powers now, without vetting the contents of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, there is no telling what the President will sneak into the final version.

Since “fast track” powers were invented under the Nixon administration, not one trade agreement has ever been blocked in the final vote. Even though there are bad parts of these deals, no one in Congress is willing to scuttle the whole agreement and years of negotiating over something relatively small.

Barack Obama could insert gun control language or immigration reform into the agreement and even though the majority in Congress would be against those measures, the agreement would still pass.

There are rumors that the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement already has global warming provisions. If Congress votes to give Obama fast-track trade promotional authority, they will be powerless to remove these liberal agenda items from the final version.

Listen, I support trade agreements that are proven to help the American people and industries. However, I cannot in good conscience support giving this President this tremendous power. And neither should you.

Before Congress votes on this, you need to demand that the trade agreement text be made public. Otherwise, gun control, climate change, and even censoring the Internet will become the law of the land.

Don’t let Congress give Obama even more power for him to abuse! Demand they vote NO on fast-tracking the Trans-Pacific Partnership!

When the legislation went through the Senate, it only passed by 3 votes. In the House, it faces a much steeper fight. Conservatives and liberals alike despise the TPP. The only ones who seem to support blindly giving Obama more power are the establishment Republicans who stand to gain from their corporate donors.

Make no mistake: a vote for this trade agreement isn’t a vote for the American people… it is a vote for these Congressmen’s corporate donors who stand to make a fortune off the agreement. The only reason they are voting to approve this agreement without reading it is because they want to stay true to their corporate sponsors without facing the consequences of voting against the people.

John Boehner admits that he doesn’t have the votes yet to pass Obama’s trade bill. It is up to you to make sure it stays that way!

The GOP wants to pass Obamatrade just like Obamacare… without even reading it! Force Congress to vote NO on the President’s trade agenda!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily