Dear Conservative,

By now you have probably heard how Representative Eric Cantor, the GOP House Majority Leader from Virginia, lost his primary to a relatively unknown challenger.

There is no way to fully explain how big of a deal this was. Cantor was the second-most powerful Republican in the House of Representatives. He was John Boehner's right hand man -- for what that's worth -- and he ended up losing his Primary Election by TWELVE percent

That's right; the House Majority Leader lost a primary 12 percent of the vote to an unknown challenger.

As the dust settled, pundits began speculating on just what caused a House Majority Leader to lose in such spectacular fashion. Most agree that Cantor's pro-amnesty stance on immigration was responsible for Conservatives turning on him. He has favored amnesty and a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens, so it is not surprising that a solidly red district in Virginia would turn on a RINO, regardless of how powerful he might have been.

This should have served as a stark warning to both Republicans and Democrats of what happens when they go against the American people and support handing the country over to illegal aliens! This should have given the pro-amnesty people pause; taught them the error of their ways...

Unfortunately, it has done exactly the opposite and Eric Cantor and other Congressmen are pushing for amnesty before they run out of time!

The People have spoken! Tell Congress to put an end to Eric Cantor's amnesty plan!

After the voters had spoken, Eric Cantor announced that he was doubling down on amnesty for illegal alien children -- so-called "DREAMers."

For those who don't know, the DREAM Act failed to make it through Congress. It would have legislatively given amnesty to people brought to this country illegally as children when they had no control over the matter.

Congress failed to pass the bill and Barack H. Obama decided to whip out his pen and sign the bill into law himself, using an executive order!

It is no coincidence that since Obama has ILLEGALLY given amnesty to these children, Border Patrol has seen an unprecedented number of Central American children trying to sneak into the country. Hundreds of thousands of illegal alien children try to sneak into this country every year. They are told in their home country that if they can make it to the U.S., good-old Barry Soetoro will make sure that the mean-old Republicans won't turn them away.

In fact, not only has the Obama administration been welcoming these illegal children into the country and providing them with lawyers to fight deportation, now there are allegations of these children being bussed across the country as far as Massachusetts!

The solution to this problem is simple: you capture the children and turn them around, back into Mexico. You sure as hell don't start relocating illegal aliens across the country in clear violation of the law!

This is what Eric Cantor was pushing for, and this is why he lost handedly!

Now, Republicans and Democrats alike are scrambling to pass an amnesty bill before the voters remove them all from office! They have seen that their days are numbered and that they only have so much time to destroy this country...

We MUST stop this! We must make our representatives understand that a vote for amnesty, a vote for surrendering this country to hordes of illegal immigrants is not only unacceptable... It is TREASONOUS!

I urge you to fax Congress and let your representatives know that if they follow Eric Cantor's lead and hand this country over to the illegals, not only will it spell their own political death sentence, but they will be bonafide traitors!

The People have spoken! Tell Congress that voting for amnesty is political suicide and treason!

Refusing to surrender this great country,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily